Happy 51st Earth Day Beauties 🐰🌏

by Isabel Bang

22nd of April is a special day for everyone on the planet, cause it’s a day for all of us - Earth Day! 🌏 We were most excited this year because HIKOCO has finally made our first step in the project that we’ve been talking about since FOREVER. 

Yes, at last. We have an Eco-friendly Shipping option available for our online orders! 📦 The amount of plastic used to pack your deliveries was always an eyesore for us since day one. All our staff was having a hard time trying to find an alternative for the packaging that we work with, but as you would all know, being enviro-friendly is not cheap - and we were a small business 🥲

Thanks to every one of you Beauties, HIKOCO could slowly but surely grow as a company. Now we can afford to freely love our planet as we should’ve! 💞 When you select the eco-friendly shipping option at check out, your products will be packed with paper wrapping, and either one of recycled plastic satchels or paper boxes. The only reason why we did not entirely change our whole packaging system to be eco-friendly was that we still have a few of the old satchels and bubble wrap that we had to bulk-order many months ago 😣 After a few discussions within the team, we believed that throwing out the old satchels without putting them to use would be a waste and pollution by itself. Also, we wanted to have a trial with the new packaging that we brought in, in case our choice of wrapping causes too much product damages - as that will mean that we need to come up with another alternative. As soon as we finish up using our pre-existing satchels, wraps, and tape, HIKOCO will convert our company 100% earth-friendly and finally fulfil our wish that we had for so many years 🙏

Although our company is making our move to respect our planet, it is true that many skincare and cosmetics companies produce a lot of plastic that is difficult to recycle ♻️ Nonetheless, there are many K-Beauty brands that recognise the importance of sustainability as our Earth continues to send us red light signs. If you want to learn more about brands that pursue a “sustainable beauty” approach with their products, give this HI-TIPS a read!

As we introduced our new eco-friendly shipping options, HIKOCO have also let you know that we’ll be donating a part of our sales on Earth Day 💰 We told you that $1 off every purchase made on the 22nd of April will be donated to Sustainable Coastlines; an amazing New Zealand charity organisation that works to clean up the beautiful coastlines of our country, plant native trees for riparian planting projects, and carry out school educational programmes about the environment.


In addition to the $848 collected from the day’s sales, we have added on a little ourselves to donate a total of $1000 NZD to Sustainable Coastlines. The organisation stated that with the money donated they will be able to “plant 100 native trees in one of our riparian restoration projects, help clean up the waterways of Aotearoa and protect our climate and natural biodiversity.”

It’s not a lot, but we definitely wish that we’d be able to play a part in helping the Earth get back to its better self, as we only have one Earth and one chance. If you would like to make a donation to Sustainable Coastlines yourself, follow this link and give them a hand! HIKOCO, as a company, will continue to try our very best to reduce the waste we produce, introduce you to more sustainable K-Beauty brands, and be a positive influence in our industry for a better future for us, our children and the planet 🌏

p.s. We uploaded a Youtube video yesterday about how to correctly recycle your skincare containers! Give this link a click to watch 😍

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