#K-City: 1960's Analog Photo Booth Spotted in Korea?! 🎞️

by Michelle Li

We all know how conceptual brands, cafes and stores in Korea get, so when it’s so aesthetically-pleasing, why wouldn’t you pose for an Instagram post? #4lifepercuts studios are all over Korea, where you can even take a photo with your favourite K-pop idol 😍 So I thought I would share some more interesting photo spaces that Koreans are going to!

Celeb Paparazzi Cafe

Instagram | @official.celeb.p

There’s a ‘studio cafe’ right in the trendy streets of Hongdae, Seoul, that is Celeb Paparazzi Cafe. It's the place to go, to be in the spotlight for a day, literally in front of ‘paparazzis’! As soon as you enter, a red carpet lines the floor and you’ll be met with a group of paparazzis flashing their camera lights at you. Once you walk in, this three-floor cafe offers professionally-taken photos with each room being a different theme. My favourite room has to be “Garage Room” which gives me Le Sserafim’s Perfect Night teaser vibes. After a day of taking photos, you can have a little dessert and coffee to finish. They’ve got the prettiest mille-feuille that looks just too perfect to eat 🍰

Boing Cafe

Instagram | @boing_euljiro

I know I’m not the only one reminiscing about my travels and this cafe understands how many people feel the same 😩 So Boing Cafe has an airplane concept that they built up in a cafe! Unlike your typical aeroplanes, this one’s well-lit so you actually take your Instagram-worthy posts while you sip wine in the clouds. From the entrance, to the time you leave, it’s like you’ve entered airplane-mode. The ordering counter resembles one of an airport check-in with flight schedules showing on screens above. The aesthetic continues with your food and drink served on trays just like the in-flight meals. The airplane concept is so well thought out, that even the toilet resembles one that you’ll see on the airplane ✈️

Eternal Log 

Instagram | @eternalog_official

I’m taking it way, WAY back to the 60s’ with an analog photo booth that was actually used in Europe during this time. Contrast to the super popular colourful photo booths these days, you'll find an analog photo booth sitting at Eternal Log. The photos are printed in faded black and white so it gives off that moody vintage vibe 🎞️ As it’s an analog photo booth, you have no idea how the photos turn out until the very last minute - the printing stage. Though this photo booth was used a very long time ago, to us, it’s a fascinating concept which is why they are queues outside Eternal Log everyday, even on the weekdays. Plus with the fact that analog photo booths can only print 100 photo strips a day, Eternal Log closes just one hour after opening 😅

Conceptual stores are everywhere in Korea and you’ll be surprised at sometimes the odd themes that Koreans come up with. But that’s how it becomes so trendy and worthy of a visit, just like these studio cafes I’ve mentioned!

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