All You Need is a Short Trip in a Picturesque City!

by Larissa Tsui

Another popular getaway and tourist spot with amazing views and food is Gangneung, the largest coastal city in the Gangwon Province. The city has become a highly visited destination as it is renowned for its beautiful turquoise beaches and its history. With plenty of beautiful views here, many k-dramas were filmed here, and you may even recognise some of them 😉 

This coastal city is lined with white sandy beaches and eye-catching turquoise waters where you can enjoy a calming stroll on the beach. The picturesque sites in Gangneung were featured like the famous poster for the k-drama Guardian: The Lonely and Great God. The legendary scene in this k-drama of Kim Shin and Ji Eun-tak standing across from each other at a pier was filmed here at Jumunjin Beach. It has become so well-known that a billboard is put up at the filming site to show it, and many people go and recreate this memorable scene themselves. Another spot that has become incredibly famous and is one of the greatest attractions for both locals and tourists is the now called ‘BTS bus stop’ also at Gangmunjin Beach. After the jacket shoot for BTS’ ‘You Never Walk Alone’ album, the bus stop installation remained to be a photo spot for ARMYs and tourists. 

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But maybe K-dramas and K-pop may not be your thing. Don’t worry, Gangneung is also known for its history and there is just a place to showcase the past and lifestyle of the Joseon dynasty. Ojukheon is the birthplace of the famous artist, writer, calligrapher and poet Shim Saimdang (who is on the 50,000 won note) and his son, a prominent Korean Confucian scholar of the Joseon dynasty, Yul Gok Yi (who is on the 5,000 won note). The Ojukheon House itself is actually one of Korea’s oldest remaining wooden buildings! This historic site showcases the lifestyle from the Joseon dynasty as well as  Yul Gok Yi’s status and value through the various museums and exhibitions.

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Being a coastal city, seafood is a must here! Cockle bibimbap (꼬막무침비빔밥) is a super trendy dish that actually went viral in Gangneung. Bibimbap is basically mixed rice but with the addition of cockles it’s even tastier 😋 Umjinae Pojangmacha (엄지네포장마차) is the place to go to! The cockle bibimbap is their signature dish after all, that it’s even been featured on multiple TV shows such as Night Goblin, a K-variety show featuring celebrities who try out all the trendy, famous food spots. These are the places the K-citizens queue hours to get your hands on so you know places like Umjinae Pojangmacha is a hot spot! And for the sweet tooth's, I’ve got a special one for you. Gangneung is also known for its production of crops like rice and soybeans. That’s why they are also known for their soondubu (순두부), a super soft tofu. But, soondubu jjigae (순두부찌개), or soft tofu stew isn’t the only thing you need to try here. Gangneung offers a unique but intriguing ice cream flavour with this smooth, white ingredient. Visit Soontofu Gelato, to try out this enthralling gelato 🍦


On a hill, overlooking the turquoise sea of Gangwon coast is Haslla Art World. This art complex has galleries, museums, outdoor sculpture parks, cafes, and a hotel with immersive exhibits, art, and sculptures from floor to ceiling in every exhibit 🖼 They also have activities such as Pinocchio Marionette Kit & Constructing and Pop Up Book Kit & Construction plus more to do for a fun and interactive experience with your friends and family here too. With its abundance of art in different styles and techniques, it makes for the ultimate visual indulgence. This is paradise for those who love modern art

On top of the many beautiful beaches to see, there are also plenty of other activities to do at this famous coastal city. From mesmerising scenic views, to history, modern art, plenty of trendy food spots, and heaps of Instagrammable locations, Gangneung sure is a dynamic city that has a lot to offer if you are in need of a relaxing visit 😊

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