Travel the World at Korea’s Hottest Foodie Spots ✈️

by Michelle Li

Le Noir 

10 Magazine Korea 

Forget blind dating, how about “blind dining”? Situated in hotspot Hongdae, Le Noir offers you an entire meal in complete darkness. Apparently, this concept enhances the the food’s flavours where aromas come forth in a stronger and more pronounced way. On top of that, you’re also not allowed to be on your phone. This restaurant forces you to take a break from social media and be in complete focus with your date. 


Instagram | @son__ning

Hop over to Hieutu and it's as if you’ve hopped on a plane to Vietnam, landing right in the city. From the outside, Hieutu encapsulates the tropical vibes with large Vietnamese posters boasting some of its menu items. There's even a red scooter that you’re also likely to find along Vietnam's streets. This restaurant is so realistic that it was even a filming location for the Korean movie, The Roundup (2022). In one particular scene, the characters were sitting in a restaurant in Vietnam. Turns out that the filming was simply done at Hieutu! Not to mention, the food - the same mouth-watering flavour you would get from the traditional street stalls in Vietnam 🍜

Garden Poete 


Amongst Mapo district’s bustle, there is one cafe that puts you in a tranquil oasis. Garden Poete takes inspo from Europe; the beautiful gardens and cottages can be found right here with three different themes to unwind. There’s the main indoor dining room, a picturesque outdoor garden and even a cottage! Garden Poete's landscape changes with every season so Koreans make it a point to go four times a year. Continuing with the European theme, the menu is totally Italian-inspired - think pasta, risotto and lasagna with wine to pair 🤤

Chang Chang

Instagram | @changchang23446

Chang Chang is a restaurant spotlighting Hong Kong and it’s insane nightlife! What’s interesting about Chang Chang is that it’s situated on Changsin-dong’s 'Cliff Village'. This restaurant basically sits on top of a hill so you get the best view of downtown Seoul. Chang Chang greets you with neon lights (so make sure to go at night!) and of course, the iconic smells of Chinese food. Chang Chang‘s signature dishes are the Chinese classics; laziji chicken, guo bao rou, and of course a huge variety of spicy noodles. You can also order Chinese alcohol to wash it down, as you spectate the insane view! 

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