Korean Festivals You Should Attend In 2024

by Naomi Agraba

Are you travelling to Korea this year and looking for things to add to your itinerary? There are endless activities and attractions all over South Korea, but festivals are an underrated part of K-culture. No, I’m not talking Blackpink at Coachella or NewJeans at Lollapalooza (although I loved these performances 😂), I mean the type of festivals that show off the hidden gems of Korea and the events that combine traditional and modern aspects. These festivals celebrate anything from a spring flower, to coffee, to kimchi-making! So here are a few super cool events happening in Korea this year 👇🏻

🌸 Gyeongju Cherry Blossom Marathon 🌸

Korea Tourism Organisation

Whether you're a long distance runner or not, I think we can all agree just by looking at the photo that the Gyeongju Cherry Blossom Marathon is the prettiest route you’ll ever see. It’s held in the heart of the cherry blossom festival in Gyeongju, a city on the East Coast of South Korea. This is such a unique way to experience cherry blossom season in Korea! Even though it’s still technically a race, this marathon looks super wholesome and the perfect way to celebrate the arrival of Spring, which just so happens to be the best time to visit.

Daegu Chimaek Festival 🍗🍻


For those of us who can never get enough of the perfect pairing, chicken and maekju, (Korean for beer), the Daegu Chimaek Festival is for you! You’ll get the chance to try some of the best chicken and beer that’s made by countless different vendors from all over Korea. Not only is it a great event for trying out new restaurants and flavours, there’s amazing live music and performances you can enjoy too! You can even devour the Chimaek combo as you have your feet in an ice bath, which goes to show just how hot Daegu’s summer is. This festival usually goes on for five days so if you decide to visit Daegu between August and September, don’t miss out!

Jinju Lantern Festival 🎇🌟


For a little history lesson, the Jinju Lantern Festival commemorates the Korean troops who used lanterns back in the 1500’s to deter the Japanese army from entering the Namgang river. It has since become an annual event that combines culture and advancements in technology to celebrate craftsmanship and pride for Korea in a modern way. No matter how old you are, the Jinju Lantern Festival is a must-visit if you are in Korea in October! The whole festival actually spans more than a few blocks so there's a lot to see, and do - you can even write a wish and send it on a lantern down the river. Each year you go, I can guarantee you it’s a different lantern-sightseeing experience every time! 

Seoul Kimchi Festival 🌶️🥬


Calling all kimchi lovers!! This late autumn festival is a heart-warming event held every year to both celebrate Kimjang (the tradition of making kimchi for the winter) and to make kimchi for underprivileged families in and around Seoul. At this festival you can learn to make kimchi by attending classes. They’re open to all ages and designated for different skill levels from beginners to advanced, and of course you’ll be able to eat some too! The festival organisers have created a great recipe to follow so if you have been wanting to learn how to make kimchi while experiencing the true Korean traditions, this is your chance to learn from the locals!

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