A Love Holiday Every Month of the Year?

by Michelle Li

For our romanticists, it’s not just Valentine’s Day that celebrates love 🥰 In Korea, there’s a day to celebrate love on the 14th of every month. So if you are looking for reasons to do something a little extra for your loved ones, there’s plenty of K-ways to celebrate every month. We thought it would be fun to compile a few of our favourites of how you can show your loved ones romantic gestures, the Korean way, just like in some of our favourite K-drama scenes!

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Feb 14th: Valentine’s Day 

Of course, Valentine’s Day is a must! But in Korea, it’s done a little differently. Usually, men shower their loved ones with gifts, red roses, and of course, endless amounts of chocolate. But in Korea, it’s often that women give gifts to their significant other. So, if you are looking to treat your man, this is the day to do it with your favourite chocolates and sentimental gifts.

March 14th: White Day

Don’t worry, there’s also a day where the girls can relax and let the guys do all the planning! In Korea, White Day is when men often buy candies, flowers, and jewellery for their loved ones instead of the widely known tradition of chocolate. The name, White Day, is associated with men giving girls white gifts like white chocolate and white roses on this day to signify the purest form of love. 

April 14th: Black Day


Why only have special days for couples? And if you are single, Black Day is the day for you! Also known as Jajangmyeon Day, this is where singles dress up in black attire for a day to eat out and enjoy this noodle dish. Jajangmyeon is made with black bean sauce so it’s a suitable dish to eat while dressed in black. This is often a day where all the single friends of the group gather and have a feast 🤤 So if you are single, there’s no reason to be upset when you get to eat comfort food with all your single friends right, so why not embrace it?! 

May 14th: Rose Day

To bring some fun into the month of May, on the 14th day of this month, it’s Rose Day! There seems to be a theme in how love is celebrated every month. In May, this time in Korea it’s Spring where flowers are in full bloom. You’ll see couples in Korea dress up in matching outfits and exchange bouquets of roses to show their affection and love towards one another! It’s truly a romantic day to show how much you care for your loved ones. 

July 14th: Silver Day 

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July 14th is Silver Day when couples exchange silver jewellery, more specifically rings, as this signifies a deeper relationship and possible future plans together. You might’ve come across a few Koreans wearing a ring on their marriage ring finger, when they’re clearly not married nor engaged. Koreans usually exchange rings with each other when they’re in a relationship and call them “couple rings”. These rings are the promise of commitment to each other. It’s not anything serious, but just a cute gesture so don’t freak out if your Korean boyfriend or girlfriend wants to get a ring together a month into your relationship! 😂 

Nov 14th: Movie Day

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If watching movies is one of your favourite things to do with your significant other, this is just another good reason for a movie night in Korea. Plan a movie date and enjoy each other’s company for a romantic date on the 14th of November as it’s “Movie Day”! In Korea, this is the day you’ll see all the couples at the cinemas for a cute and romantic date. There’s  some that make the day even more special by renting out private screening rooms for a cozy and memorable date 😍  

Having a day out of every month of the year, means an excuse to do something extra for your loved ones and there's plenty of ways to do it in Korea. Why not join in the fun and celebrate these holidays with your significant other the 14th of every month this year? 

And to kick this month off, we hope everyone will be filled with love this Valentine’s Day 💘

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