Korean's New Milestone Are On These Birthdays

by Larissa Tsui

Baek Il (100 Days)

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Living past 100 days used to be rare due to the high mortality rates so once a baby reaches 100 days, a celebration is needed! Back then, rituals and prayers would be done but these days, a 100-day party, baek il janchi (백일잔치) is much simpler. But one thing that is still a tradition and not to be missed in a 100-day party is having baekseolgi (백설기), a white steamed rice cake. It’s believed that sharing this with others can ensure the baby’s long life!

Dol (1 Year)


Also called doljanchi (돌잔치), it is one of the most important birthdays in Korean culture, celebrating the first year of life 💛 Dol (돌) means birthday, janchi (잔치) means feast. And as the name suggests, many traditional foods are prepared for this day, but that's not all. The highlight of a dol is a ritual called doljabi (돌잡이). Several symbolic items (books, money, ball, thread) are laid out, and the first item the baby grabs predicts what sort of person the baby will grow up to be. For example, if the baby picks up money then they will be rich. 

Hwangab (60 Years)


When you turn 60, there is a party called hwangabjanchi (환갑잔치). In pre-modern Korea, a time when life expectancy was shorter, Hwangab celebrates the longevity of someone reaching the age of 60 🙌 Traditionally, everyone wears the Korean traditional clothing, hanbok (한복) and it is celebrated at home. The younger members of the family would bow to honour the elderly. Traditional food would be prepared and stacked into a high tower to represent the abundance of a long life. Though, these days, families often opt for a more casual family dinner or gathering. 

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