K-Selca Tips to Capture Your Best Angle!

by Michelle Li

Want to up your ‘selca’ (셀카); selfie skills? These easy hacks are the way to do it, proven by the top Korean influencers themselves! From the countless #life4cuts photobooths to thousands of aesthetic cafes in Korea, it’s only a must for them to capture these core memories with the most photogenic angles and shots 📸✨

These days, it’s all about lens distortion… and here’s how to do it the RIGHT way 🔎 First, utilise the 0.5X lens and nope, not just for a large group shot 🤳🏻  Koreans gravitate to shoot wide-lens because it naturally creates a smaller face. NMIXX’s Kyu-jin herself said that if you turn on the flash of the rear camera and take a wide-angle photo, your face will appear really small 😉 You could try out a variety of angles too! Photo booth, ‘Don’t LXXK Up’ plays along with an aerial shot. Contrastingly, Fluffy Citrus, a popular footwear brand ( worn by K-pop idols) had a pop up last year and placed a fish eye mirror at a low angle to capture aesthetically-pleasing photos, immediately catching my attention! 👀🐠


To up the effects, try out the so-called ‘Ditto-esque’ filter, where the key point = blurriness! Basically, the hazier the better and it can be achieved by applying fingerprints, or even hand cream on your phone’s camera lens. You can also intentionally shake the camera while you take photo shots. Taking pictures like this, will give you the vintage camcorder feel that is so New Jean’s ‘Ditto-esque’.


To switch up your photoshoots, how about a couple of fun poses? A fun one you can do is the spotlight pose; gather all phones and surround the person (make sure you can see all the phones in the frame) and click away!The above photo of The Boyz Sunwoo became super viral and had everyone trying to replicate it. HIKOCO HQ have been doing this for the past birthday celebrations. 


The “finger heart” poses have evolved throughout the years, and Koreans now have created the “finger baseball” pose. Maybe this is because Korea’s baseball season is in full swing but people have been taking shots of this instead - make a circle with both hands, and bend your index fingers to make a baseball shape. For more selca poses you can do with friends, click here!

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