What’s Your Personality Like?

by Rebecca Kim

It’s what’s inside that counts! ☺️

It’s always fun to discover things about yourself, or find things that you can relate to (was anyone else MINDBLOWN when they first took the MBTI quiz?! 🤯). Koreans love their personality quizzes, and they have especially grown in popularity during COVID-19, as many people have been bored at home. Here are a couple of simple and interesting personality quizzes that are well-known in Korea, so feel free to test yourself and the people that you know! 


The Animal Quiz 🦁

This quiz helps to determine what you’ll never give up on in life, even in tough situations! It’s also fun to hear the people’s reasonings behind why they chose their certain orders.

You’re lost in a desert, but you’re not alone! Travelling with you is also a lion, a horse, a cow, a sheep and a monkey. While wandering around, you run into people who each offer you some directions on how to get home in exchange for one of your animals. What is the order that you would give them away?


  • The lion represents ego and pride 🦁  
  • The horse represents family 🐴 
  • The cow represents work 🐮 
  • The sheep represents love 🐑 
  • The monkey represents friendship 🐵

    The Shower Quiz 🚿

    This quiz is about finding out your relationship style, through the order that you cleanse. A lot of people think that everyone washes in the same order, but with this quiz, you’ll find that this is not the case!

    Which is your first step when washing up?

    • Washing your hair
    • Washing your face
    • Washing your body
    • Brushing your teeth


    If you wash your hair first, it is likely that you are someone who goes with the flow, and don’t mind following other’s opinions. On the outside, it looks like you are fine and maintaining good relationships, but inside, you are actually feeling quite frustrated! It’s important to work on expressing yourself in this case.

    If you wash your face first, you might have an innocent and gentle personality. You’re considerate and prefer to give rather than take. However, be sure to not get hurt by people who might try to take advantage of this!

    If you wash your body first, it’s possible that you are someone who cares a lot about outward appearances. When it comes to relationships, you might also consider their fashion and other appearances important. However, when you find someone that you really like, you are the type to give your all in the relationship.

    If you brush your teeth first, you are someone with a lot of curiosity and likes to try new things! Because you are always looking for something new, it’s important to make sure that it works for the best in your relationships as time passes. Nevertheless, you are always willing to listen and discover things about other people.


    BONUS! The Navillera quiz 🦋

    If you’ve read the Navillera article in the TMI Vol.039 newsletter, you’ll know how much of an inspiring,  tear-jerking hit K-drama it was 😭  However, another interesting part of the drama has been trending ever since its release. (Spoiler alert!) This isn't a personality test, but we'll just throw this in 😛 In Navillera, this memory test appears in the series as a way to look for signs of possible Alzheimer’s disease. Although it’s not a personality test, this simple memory test has also become popular to try with friends and family.

    Firstly, tell the person being tested to remember the following 3 objects. After you ask them a few questions, they need to say the 3 objects again in the same order. 

    • Pencil 
    • Pine Tree 
    • Airplane
    Then, ask them the following questions:
    • What is 9+13?
    • Then -2?
    • What year are we in right now?
    • What did you eat for dinner last night?

    After that, ask them to repeat the first 3 objects to you, and see if they are able to remember them. Apparently, those with early Alzheimer’s aren’t able to remember the first 3 items! As this test started trending in Korea, many people tried this out with their parents in a non-serious way. Of course, there’s no need to panic straight away if the results aren’t great, but it’s always good to recognise a symptom earlier than later!

    If you’re interested in doing more personality quizzes, feel free to follow this link to try out Withsome’s Personal Colour Test, which was also big recently.

    So, were there any that particularly stood out to you? Remember, the personality quizzes are just fun things to try, and not to be taken too seriously! Who knows, maybe it will help you to get to know someone better, too 🥰 

    P.S. These are a GREAT way to pass time in a long car ride 🚗

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