K-Drama: Unpredictable Twists in a Thrilling Revenge Saga

by Michelle Li

MY NAME | 마이 네임 (2021)

We love to see it when girls slay the Korean entertainment industry and receive praise from netizens. With the survival Korean TV show, Street Woman Fighter showing female empowerment, there’s a new K-Drama that’s doing the same. 

Who else has been captured by the intensity that is the K-Drama, My Name?! I personally think it’s a must-watch if you are craving a Netflix sereis that will keep you on the edge of your seat. This eight-episode drama was one that I couldn’t stop watching and eventually binged watched in a day. 

My Name focuses on Yoon Ji-woo (Han So-hee) as she hides her identity to avenge her father’s suspicious murder. For those of you who have watched the K-Dramas World of the Married and Nevertheless you might be familiar with Han So-hee, the protagonist in this one. I was caught off-guard to see how well she portrayed Yoon Ji-woo’s emotions throughout the entirety of My Name as this was a totally different role from her past ones. I think Han So-hee was able to fully capture Ji-woo’s revenge-driven frustration yet passion to seek her father’s murderer. 

Netflix | My Name

In this action-crime drama, Ji-woo finds out that her father was part of Dongcheon, Korea’s biggest and most powerful drug ring. After his death, she encounters the boss of Dongcheon, Choi Mu-jin (Park Hee-soon), and decides to put all her trust in him. Mu-jin decides to do the same as he witnesses her pure desperation to find out the truth about why her father had to die. Mu-jin is an interesting character that leaves you questioning what his true intentions are. He hides many secrets that you only find out near the very end of the K-Drama, which is one of the reasons that kept this series a binge-worthy one. Mu-jin was also able to toughen up Ji-woo’s character and become a father figure to Ji-woo as he shapes and guides her to be strong and fight for her revenge. Together, these two characters plan to infiltrate the police for Ji-woo to find out the truth behind her father’s murderer by having her go undercover as Oh Hye-jin. The crazy amount of fans Park Hee-soon has gained with his role as Mu-jin is not a surprise because of his attention-drawing charisma! 

Netflix | My Name

And of course, like many K-Dramas, there has to be a bit of romance. I feel like Ji-woo’s relationship with detective Jeon Pil-do (Ahn Bo-hyun) was necessary to see more of Ji-woo’s humane and emotional side that’s rarely shown throughout the series. Ji-woo seems blank and passive until she meets Pil-do and the romance didn’t ruin her character development at all, as their relationship wasn’t overdone. Pil-do is passionate in his career however, as opposed to Ji-woo, has a bright personality even though he faced as much hardship as her. Interestingly enough, even though these two characters shared similar experiences, their personalities are completely different. I think this contrast balanced out the characters nicely and made for a very compelling series.

Netflix | My Name

My Name has so many deep and dark plot twists that I never would have expected, it made me feel all the emotions possible. This series left me feeling frustrated yet excited in some episodes but angry and relieved throughout others. It left me in shock in every episode, even till the very last one.

This K-Drama will have your eyes glued to the screen and keep you guessing. If you are looking for more shows showing women empowerment, I reckon give My Name a watch and see if you would have guessed any of the crazy plot twists that this drama has. Watch the My Name trailer here for a peek at what it's all about.

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