K-Drama: Can a Tragedy Have a Happily Ever After?

by Michelle Li

Queen of Tears | 눈물의 여왕 (2024)

Netflix | Queen of Tears

As the K-drama starts, we’re in the middle of a tragic marriage between Baek Hyun-woo (Kim Soo-hyun) and Hong Hae-in (Kim Ji-Won). They met as colleagues, fell in love and got married shortly after. But at present, everyone around them knows that they totally despise each other and to be honest, us viewers have no idea how this happened. Soon, Soo-hyun’s got the divorce papers hiding behind his back, ready to hand to Ji-Won. But before he even gets to talk, Ji-Won tells him she is nearing the end of life and has three months to live.

TVN | Queen of Tears

Hyun-woo grew up on a farm, far out in the countryside of Korea with a close knit and loving family. He grew up in the lower class but has worked very hard to get to where he is now - a lawyer working at Queens Group. Hyun-woo ensures that the morals he was raised with are intact. But it’s hard when he’s married to Hae-in, the chaebol heiress of Queens Group.

TVN | Queen of Tears

Hae-in is tough, stubborn and unempathetic. Honestly, it’s shocking how she and Hyun-woo fell in love but like a lot people would say, ‘opposites do attract’! Hae-in is on the path to the very top of Queens Group but this all comes crashing down when she gets told she’s diagnosed with a terminal illness and only has three months to live.

TVN | Queen of Tears

After Hae-in tells Hyun-woo this, he’s secretly over the moon considering how miserable his life has been for the past three years. But in front of Hae-in, he’s suddenly showering affection and love, shocking Hae-in herself. But this is only to make her have Hyun-woo on her will and finally, escape this frustrating marriage without the public gossip. 

TVN | Queen of Tears

Little do these two know that with Hae-in’s terminal illness, it’s a chance to rekindle their relationship. Hae-in tough exterior that Hyun-woo hates is forced to be peeled back. Their misunderstandings that caused so much distance between the two are also forced to be cleared up too. These three months give them the time they need to emotionally lean on each other for the first and perhaps last time in three times. It is still up in the air if this will be a happy ending that Hyun-woo and Hae-in deserve or will they both lose tragically? 😭😭 If you want to get a peak into their whirlwind romance, click here to watch the trailer.

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