Nail Trends That Spark Conversation 💅🎀🫧

by Vivienne Tam

Getting your nails done is the best way to clean up your whole look, and add a personal touch to every outfit you wear! If you’re looking to try something bold at your next appointment, why not try some of Korea’s popular statement nail designs?

Scribble Art


Nails that look like a 7-year-old’s doodles?? Hear me out! Fun and whimsical, ‘scribble’ style drawings is a newer trend that features nail art drawn with fine lines, but a less clean and precise hand. If you look closely at scribble art nails, you may find that they look like doodles done by primary schoolers. Using bright colours and cute themes like fruits or animals, these nails will show off your optimistic personality and style!

Brush Stroke Texture


Wanna see some nail art that looks like ✨Art ✨? Another nail trend in South Korea lately is semi-realistic brush strokes, which make your nails look like a piece from a painter’s canvas. This can be done in a translucent, water-colour style, or thick and textured like some oil paints. What a unique design!

Junk Nails


If you’re a minimalist, skip this point. Forget ‘less is more’ for a moment, junk nails are for those who believe more is more!! First popularised in Japan, the junk nail style has made its way to Korea. Loaded with charms, these nails are stacked with as many add-ons as possible, leaving you with chunky, glittering nails that will be sure to catch attention 💎

‘Lump’ Nails


I know the name doesn’t sound the most appealing, but trust me, these are CUTE! Lump nails, or “dongori” (덩어리네일) in Korean, are made when nail artists squeeze builder gel into different shapes and patterns, resulting in unique 3D creations before being placed onto the nails. This style has been popular for a while, and understandably so. The application method results in one-of-a-kind and experimental design where no two are the same!

If you’re looking for a switch-up from your regular go-to nail looks, these Korean-inspired nail trends might be just what you need to give your mani’ that extra kick!

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