#K-Fashion: Four Trends Heating Up South Korea’s F/W24

by Vivienne Tam

As temperatures drop below the negatives over in South Korea, popularity is growing among fashion pieces and styles that both combat the cold, and keep you looking hip. Here are some recent trends that Korean fashion enthusiasts are using to elevate their style this winter!

Patterned tights


Patterned tights have grown in popularity during this season. Tights have always been a classic layering piece, but this winter, they’ve proven their ability to not only serve comfort, but also style. Many Korean influencers have opted for patterned tights that add an extra visual flair to an originally plain outfit.

Fur coats


Ever seen a lavish fur coat at the grocery store? Fur coats have made a resurgence in popularity, but this time, casually! Faux or not, these have commonly been worn with formal and elegant outfits. In Korea, however, fur coats are being paired with everyday streetwear clothes like hoodies and sneakers. This extra layer has the power to turn any casual outfit into a statement one.

Fluffy hats


Coats aren’t the only piece of clothing where Korean fashion enthusiasts are repping fur with. Fur headwear has taken off in Korea this winter, from bucket hats, beanies, to Russian trapper hats. This fun accessory adds a unique twist to any standard winter outfit, and depending on your hat of choice, can give your outfit a subtle air of class or edge.

Skirts over trousers


Layering appears to be a welcomed style choice this season, as skirts over pants are being seen more and more often. This styling creates an unconventional silhouette, and often involves the combination of two very different materials. Not quite mainstream, but growing in popularity among the fashion-forward, skirts over pants are another way of adding personality to an outfit through both shape and texture.

Feel inspired yet? Keep these fun styling ideas in your back pocket for when you want to add some extra funk to your winter lookbook!

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