How to Wear Baseball Caps in Style

by Isabel Bang

Only recently did I notice that Kiwis don’t wear baseball caps as often as Koreans. One day, I thought my outfit was a little bland so I threw on a cap, which puzzled my non-Korean friends. They asked me why I’m wearing a cap on a rainy day, and that’s when I realised that Koreans wear caps as fashion items and Kiwis wear them more for practical reasons - to block the sunlight. For those who might have wondered why some Koreans wear caps on rainy winter days or even at night time, here’s how we think caps can be stylish. 

Casual Look + Colour Match 

This would be the most easily seen outfit when we think of baseball caps. Casual styling can never fail with a cap added on it, especially with your typical hoodie + denim jacket + cap collab. For those who find it difficult to coordinate your pieces together to pull off a coherent outfit, the easiest way is to colour match items! But the key point is to not make it too obvious. Caps make this easy, as colour matching is the most subtle yet stylish when you use your accessories - caps, shoes, bags, etc. I recommend matching your cap and shoes to start with 👍

Statement Piece

The reason why Koreans like to add these baseball caps to their #ootd is to add a statement piece to their fashion. When the full look is fine but is lacking some colour, you can throw on a vivid coloured, or a patterned cap to stand out. The smoothest way to do this would be wearing all white or all black, and finish off with your favourite coloured cap as a cherry on top. One way that I personally like to integrate a vivid cap to my outfit is to wear a white t-shirt and jeans, and make it less boring with a piercing red cap ❤️

With Coord Suit

You can pull off baseball caps even better on monochrome coord suits. As mentioned before, these caps are perfect as a small accessory item to give a change to your bland outfit.  But why would you match the smart suit look with a baseball cap? You all should already know that the in-style now is “effortless-chic”. Suits with high heels and loafers are a classic, but match them up with a cap and sneakers and you’re on the next cover of Vogue.

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