#K-Fashion: Celebrating Classics With K-Celebs

by Vivienne Tam

Don’t you think there are too many new trends to keep up with these days? As we are getting well into 2024, there are a few tried-and-true fashion choices that have won over some of the most high profile celebrities in Korea. In a world where fashion is constantly evolving, these styles have stood the test of time, remaining on trend all through the year. Let’s take a dive into these wardrobe staples that even iconic K-Celebs can’t get enough of!

Leather Outerwear


Amidst the hustle and bustle of everyday life, it seems like one item that will always have your back is a good ol’ leather jacket. From Cha Eunwoo’s iconic black biker style, to Momo’s loud and textured red coat, many K-celebs have embraced the timeless elegance of leather outerwear. Giving effortless style and class, leather jackets will definitely remain a trend for years and years to come.

Oversized Glasses


Let’s take a throwback to the 2010s, wasn’t everyone obsessed with those oversized, thick rimmed glasses? If you’re on the fashion side of social media, I’m sure you’ve seen the viral ‘Bayonetta’ glasses. Inspired by Bayonetta from Tekken, these glasses are thin and wired, with barely any rims. Bayonetta still has its moments, but the thick, geeky frames have definitely made a comeback in the K-Celeb scene. With their bold, retro flair, this tumblr-worthy accessory is proving itself as a classic trend. 

Denim Jacket 


An item that’s familiar across generations, it seems that K-celebs have not forgotten about the denim jacket. Regardless if your style is smart and clean, or edgy and baggy, there’s something for everyone. Just check out Giselle: her jacket has chains on it! Distressed, embellished, fitted… with all these possibilities, it’s no wonder we keep coming back to this versatile fashion choice.

Dress Shirt


Let alone in Korea, I don’t think any celebrities have ever stopped wearing dress shirts - and that’s exactly why we’re talking about them. Even when these K-idols and actors aren’t doing promo, many have been spotted in a nice, crisp button down just as a part of their everyday wardrobe. Whether paired with jeans for a casual look, or tucked into tailored bottoms for something sophisticated, dress shirts are a wardrobe essential that you will never go wrong with.

In this ever-changing fashion scene, it gets hard to keep up with so many new trends popping up left and right. Among this fast-paced landscape, these K-stars are here to remind us not to forget about the classics. As we appreciate our favourite celebs, let's give a shoutout to these timeless fashion choices that will always keep us looking stylish.

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