K-Fashion: The DIY-Accessory Attached to Any K-Handbag 👛

by Michelle Li

Christmas is coming up and that means the gifting season is right around the corner. If you have no idea what to get or perhaps looking for a cute stocking stuffer, I have a small but insanely cute gift idea for you! What I love about this is because it’s a DIY project, you can really customise and personalise to whoever you’re gifting it. Just the time you took to DIY this already makes it super special and one they'll LOVE that much more 💝

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MacramĂ© DIYs have been trending in Korea for quite some time now. MacramĂ© is a form of textile that reminds me a little bit of crochet. Basically, it’s created by knotting thick yarns of wool to make repeated patterns. There’s quite a few variations to MacramĂ© DIYs that you could take, from handbag straps to keyrings or even ones for your phone. But because many of us will be beginners here, I thought I would start simple with a MacramĂ© Daisy Keyring 🔑 Â đŸŒŒ

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I came across so many Koreans making these MacramĂ© daisy keyrings and had to share! The daisy pattern is the perfect accessory to pair with all your summer and spring outfits. So let’s take a look at how to make it and if you want a follow-along video click hereÂ đŸ‘€đŸ‘‡đŸ»

You Will Need:

  • Tape
  • Keyring
  • Scissors
  • 30cm Yellow Cord 
  • 60cm Green Cord
  • 120cm White Cord
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  1. Set the yellow cord straight and tape at the top to secure. Thread the keyring to the centre of the white cord. Place centre of white cord on top, with a bend.

  2. Place the green cord on top of the white cord with a bend too.

    Naver Blog | @mminggi
  3. Loop the white cord over the green and pull through to secure a knot.

    Naver Blog | @mminggi
  4. To make the daisy petals, take cord #1 over cord #2 and loop. This creates a petal on the right side đŸŒŒ

    Naver Blog | @mminggi
  5. Now to create another petal for the left side, loop cord #3 over cord #4 and pull. 

    Naver Blog | @mminggi
  6. To create one more petal, put cord #1 on top of cord #5. Then loop cord #1 over cord #2 and pull.

    Naver Blog | @mminggi
  7. Repeat on the left side to form the last set of top petals.

    Naver Blog | @mminggi
  8. To complete the daisy, overlap cord #4 over cord #2 (the green cords). 

  9. Take the bottom of cord #1 and cord #3 (the white cords) and insert each through the newly formed green loop before pulling. 

    Naver Blog | @mminggi
  10. Pull both ends of the green cords together. This will bring the white cords together to complete the daisy petals!

    Naver Blog | @mminggi
  11. To secure, flip the daisy over, and tie a knot using the yellow cord.

  12. Repeat steps 4-9 until you’ve made your desired number of daisies. 

    Naver Blog | @mminggi
  13. To finish, cut the excess length of cord and tie a ribbon to the ends to secure.

and that’s it 🎀  To personalise whoever you're gifting it to, feel free to simply change up the colours of the cord. If you're having trouble finding the perfect length or cord, shoelaces are often used for this DIY. When you’ve mastered the MacramĂ© Daisy Keyring, you can really get creative and take on accessorising with bags, phone cases, or even making more difficult MacramĂ© patterns. Have fun DIY-ing, Beauties! 

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