K-Fashion: Fashion Equations for "Effortless Chic"

by Isabel Bang

Oversized Sweatshirt + Biker Shorts + Crew Socks + Running Shoes 

The Korean fashion trend that lived through the whole of 2021 and will continue throughout 2022 is in no doubt, “effortless chic.” To pull this off well, there are a few fashion equations you need to follow. First off, the so-called ‘Princess Diana look,’ oversized sweatshirt and biker shorts. As Hailey Beiber recreated this look at a Vogue Paris shoot, the trend exploded worldwide. You can look athletic yet stylish during your beach walks in this easy-to-style outfit, and step it up by adding a pair of sunglasses or mix-matching with fancy clutches & handbags.

White T-shirt + Short Sleeve Shirts + Baggy Pants + Backpacks

If the biker shorts look is the biggest trend between the girls, boys have their own trend going on as well. “Nerdy” is the new keyword in K-Fashion, and the K-Boys are able to yank off the mood on point. The short-sleeve shirt is the item to build the whole outfit, with the buttons either completely undone or with just the top two buttons up! The bottoms are always something wide-fit and baggy, whether it may be short or full-length jeans. To finish off the nerdy mood, these boys always take around a black backpack with those chest straps 🤨🤨 I guarantee that you would’ve seen at least one Korean guy with this exact look near the libraries in exam periods.

Sweat Set + Baseball Cap

Matching sweats are essential when it comes to ‘effortless chic.’ The K-Fashion tip here is to always go oversized and baggy - nothing too tight! The bottoms may be joggers or shorts, but it has to be a matching set with the sweatshirt top. Koreans tend to go for oatmeal or grey coloured sweat sets the most, which could be a little boring if they don't have eye-catching prints. This is where the baseball caps come in. In past TMIs I talked about how to wear baseball caps as a statement piece, and that tip applies here as well 😉

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