How to Wear 2023’s Trending Hair Accessories

by Emma Kim

Hair Ribbons

Hair ribbons come in a wide range of width, colour and material for endless possibilities! It’s the perfect hair accessory to match your look no matter what kind of vibe you’re going with. But with the rise of Balletcore it’s the perfect pairing with tulle skirts and leg warmers. K-pop stars have been seen with so many different kinds of hair ribbons for their on-stage looks. Bigger ribbons made into a bow creates a lovely image especially with a half ponytail. Multiple tiny bows are cute too, the more the merrier! Braids and bows are a match made for each other too. If you’re getting sick of butterfly clips and claw clips for your Y2K looks, why not play around with braids and ribbons? 

Animal Ear Cap/Beanie

Show your inner spirit animal and warm your head at the same time with these cute hats! These caps and beanies are available in a wide range of fluffy friends from teddy bears, kitties to bunnies. NewJeans showcased droopy bunny ears for their ‘OMG!’ album pictorial to represent their bunny mascot. The cat-eared beanies especially have been popular for both male and female K-pop artists. Go for outfits that are similar coloured to the cap or beanie to complete the look, or go for a vivid coloured one to create an accent piece that stands out. These would be a perfect addition to our F/W outfits as we head into the colder season.

Quirky Hair Clips

You just need one or two and your look is complete! K-pop stars’ selfies have been hinting at what their favourite character is with their hair clips (Sanrio characters are a hit!). If characters aren’t your thing, go for clips made with pearls or crystal beads to amplify your soft side. Hair clips work wonders for Y2K looks; hearts, butterflies, stars and flowers are popular choices. Chunky clips in bright or pastel colours holding bangs in place with a perilla-leaf hairstyle (깻잎머리) is an embodiment of the 2000s in Korea. I love that Twice’s Nayeon is rocking the retro look with the perilla-leaf hairstyle and a chunky heart hair clip.

Hair Beads

Speaking of Y2K looks, what better way to get crafty with your hair accessory than hair beads! You don’t need any confusing gadgets to recreate these looks. Hair threading tool definitely helps but you can also use dental floss or simply braid your hair thinly as you thread beads through it. Try a couple on for an effortlessly chic look or if you’re feeling up to it, a whole string of colourful beads to make your hairstyle pop! For a more creative option, unleash your inner goddess by incorporating some flowers, seashells or feathers along with the beads.

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