#K-Fashion: Four Handbag Brands NOW Spotted on K-It Girls 👛

by Michelle Li



Not only is Squareline perfect for those on a budget, but they also have the largest range of designs. Whatever your aesthetic is - clean, chic, dainty or 90’s vintage, there's a bag for all. They also offer a variety of colours too! For a classy design, opt for Squareline’s Amber or if you want to cop the shoulder-baguette style that’s been trending in Korea, their ‘Clam’ bag will fit all your necessities and more 🖤

Marge Sherwood


You might have seen the furry keychains that’s attached to everyone’s bag in Korea 🧸 Marge Sherwood is the creator behind these limited edition keychains but before that, their bags were, and still are being talked about! Inspired by 90’s grunge, you’ll find their most popular line, Outpocket Hobos feature elements from this era.



If you’re after sleek and classy, Elbategev is the brand for you! Though, you’ll find the trendy silver metallics and pops of colour here and there, most of their bags keep it to the everyday neutrals. If you’re looking for a bag that stores basically everything, add their Mallory Bucket Bag to your wishlist. Their chic Abel Mini shoulder bag is also one not to pass!  



Standoil has been spotted on some of the ‘it K-pop idols’, namely Le Sserafim Yunjin and BTS J-hope 😍 Although, their bags have a minimal design to them, somehow they’ve added small details that make the bag that much cooler! Their Pleats Bag is the best accessory for your balletcore days, or add a touch of subtle vintage with Yunjin’s pick, Standoil’s Chubby Bag - see how she styled it here 🦋

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