Spice Up Your Style with Trendy Accessories for S/S

by Larissa Tsui


This bead accessories trend came about and it's undeniably cute! It reminds me of the toy jewellery we used to play with as kids 🥺 Rings, necklaces, bracelets, phone straps, mask straps, you name it, they have it! Not only do these cute little threaded beads accessories transform your outfit to look super colourful and funky, but they are fun to make too! Many Koreans make their own as a hobby for a customised and ideal design that complements their aesthetic.

Acrylic Rings

These rings are most often translucent with a beautiful subtle colour made of acrylic. They give a fresh and youthful look that is perfect for the summer & spring seasons 💐 For a slightly bolder look, some acrylic rings aren’t translucent and are opaque-coloured instead. They may look like kids' accessories but adults love them too now, giving it a true 90s vibe! These versatile acrylic rings can truly go well with anything! 🥰


Scrunchies are called gopchang band (곱창 밴드), gopchang meaning intestines. But only because it resembles the look of intestines! And they have been EVERYWHERE these days! I love using scrunchies to tie up my hair because it gives such a quick and easy elevation to my hair-dos (and it doesn’t cause creasing too!) 🫡 They come in every colour, design and texture to suit any outfit you wear. Not only is it great for your hair but it can act as a nice decorating piece on your wrist to match with your outfit when not in use too! It’s a practical 2-in-1 if you ask me 💕


Personally, I was never a Crocs fan myself and when I heard it’s back in, I was shook and was like WHY?! But whether I like it or not it’s back in and HOT! 🔥 Everyone loves to personalise, decorate and have fun with the jibbitz for more stylish Crocs. With this shoe trend back, it’s now another summer/spring shoe option for you to be in ultimate comfort yet stay stylish! Watch how k-pop boy group, WINNER’s Kang Seung Yoon wears his Crocs and pull some inspiration for yourself 😌

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