K-Youngsters' Go-To K-Fashion Brands

by Isabel Bang


Starting a couple of years ago, Kirsh became THE street fashion brand that represents K-teen fashion. The big cherry logo is the main design on all their items, with the “Big Cherry Sweatshirt” being their no. 1 bestseller. Launched in 2015, the brand started trending on fashion shopping apps, especially StyleShare, where teens have the most access. Kirsh’s target market is mostly teen girls, with their seasonal collections always including school-uniform styled items like backpacks, knitted vests, pleated skirts, oversized cardigans and sweatshirts.


IAB Studio

A design studio founded by the rapper Beenzino and his friends, IAB Studio works on art sculptures, brand designs, album covers and also makes fashion items! The streetwear that IAB releases are mostly easy-to-wear hoodies, t-shirts, and sweats that are sized either men’s or unisex. Items with chic vibes and with the fashionista Beenzino representing the brand, IAB studio is the Korean boys’ go-to when in search of daily wear items. IAB often release urban techwear styled items that are on the hot trend in Korea. Just giving everyone more reasons to go crazy over their fashion line!



There are a number of brands that have their signature training sets, but Nerdy is where all Korean teens go. Lee Young-ji, the teen-favourite rapper is known as a big fan of Nerdy, which boosted the brand demand even more! Nerdy is mostly known for its oversized fit (aka. the “Nerdy fit”) and vibrant use of colours. Lilac has settled as their representative colour, but they also make use of eye-catching pinks, blues, and more - which differentiates them from other training set-popular brands! I’ve been eyeing Nerdy’s sneakers for a while now, just trying to find a way to get them over all the way from Korea 🥲

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