#K-Fashion: Get Ready for the Tanghulu Makeup Trend

by Michelle Li

Summer makeup calls for all the glowiness! In Korea, this is known as Tanghulu makeup. That’s right, inspired by the dessert, reference the ✨GLOSS ✨, juiciness and bright colours - think pinks, peaches and oranges, of Tanghulu! All this with dewy skin, vivid blush complete with lips that shine. I’ll tell you exactly how to achieve this look and get the sweet, refreshing and innocent vibe that goes so perfectly with the summer season!

Dewy Skin


Dewy skin is back and I’m all for it! For the healthiest glow, go for CLIO’s newest Kill Cover High Glow Cushion. It literally gives you glass skin without using a skin-enhancing primer. Plus, it’s got amazingly high coverage which is rare to find in glowy cushions 😍 Just make sure to lightly set with powder so it’s not tacky. Now your skin is porcelain smooth, ready for the next step. 

Cream Blush


Blush totally changes the look but for innocence and sweetness just like tanghulu, you’ll need to apply it carefully. This is how K-idol makeup artists do it - pop the blush right under your eyes, making sure the width of the blush doesn’t go past that of your eyes. You’ll also want to make sure that you don’t take the blush past the length of your nose. Cream blushes like the Amuse Soft Cream Cheek naturally have a sheen finish, which is best to replicate the syrupyness of tanghulu! 

Ultra-Glossy Lips 


Now the key point that started it all! It’s not complete without super juicy looking lips. Rom&nd is the way to achieve it with their Juicy Lasting Tints and Glasting Water Tints. After all, they’re MADE for the tanghulu makeup trend. The secret to ultra-glossiness is waiting. Once you apply them to your lips, don’t rub or press your lips together straight away. Instead, wait 3-5 secs ‘cause that’s when the gloss sets and shines. There you have it, a full Tanghulu transformation! 

Natural and fresh is what the ‘24 S/S makeup trends seem to be calling for, making the Tanghulu makeup the perfect look. Perfect this trendy and enjoy your beachy days under the sun, Beauties~~

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