K-FashionTok for #OOTD Inspirations 🛍

by Isabel Bang


If you just want ideas for outfits and are not really a fan of cringe TikTok videos, Sangah might be the TikToker you’ve been waiting for! No small talks or dancing, most of her videos are literal records of her daily #ootd. What I love about Korean fashion Youtubers or TikTokers is that they cover a range of body shapes & sizes. Sangha is a petite size, just slightly over 5’0”, giving Team Petite (🙋🏻‍♀️) great outfit inspirations. For your reference, her fashion style is more hipster and y2k than feminine or cute. Plus, her husky is the MOST adorable, so there’s another reason why you should check her TikTok out 😉


The hottest girl that’s stealing all the girls’ hearts RIGHT NOW. HADA is one of Korea's trending fashion TikToker that everyone has a massive girl crush on! As a videographer, her video editing skills definitely stand out from the usual Tiktoks. HADA specialises in themed outfit collection videos than daily ootd, such as her videos like “Outfits Inspired By Nextflix,” “Harry Potter,” the k-drama “Penthouse,” etc. if you want some unique fashion styling tips or just some aesthetics on your TikTok friends feed, HADA is a great option ❤️‍🔥 There are some more shorts available on her YouTube that aren’t on her TikTok account, but sadly many aren’t subbed 😢


Here’s one happy & smiley TikToker that everyone would love 😍 Haengza is another 5’2” petite sized girl active on both YouTube and TikTok, mostly known for her Lookbook shorts! In each of her videos, there’s always at least five different looks, in different fashions from chic, classic, relaxed, street, to feminine. After Haengza gained a stable fan base on her social media platforms, she launched her own online fashion store that mostly handles items with a relaxed fit. This was truly a good contrast to most clothes you find online these days that only fit XXXS sizes 🥲 If you want the most widely popular K-fashion trends that’ll suit any styles you may have, press that follow button for Haengzassi! 

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