Youtube: K-Home Vloggers Living Lives with Gratitude

by Michelle Li

We know more and more of our Beauties are taking a kinder approach to the Earth and we love to see it! Although, I’m sure we are all doing our part to protect the Earth and our surrounding environment, we can always learn a thing or two on what MORE we can do. 

I started watching Korean home vloggers not too long ago and have really been inspired by  how simplistic they live their lives yet live it full of gratitude. Which is why they take so much care with the nature around them. So I thought I would share with you some of my favourite home vloggers that could maybe inspire you too 🥰 You’ll find some eco-friendly and zero-waste tips throughout these videos. They’re simple tips that we can take on to create a better living space for all of us. 


Youtube | Hamimommy

In the bustling of Seoul city, Hami is a stay at home mum where she films her everyday tasks. Somehow her vlogs feel like an escape out of the busy city as she does her chores. It’s as mundane as cooking a meal for her family, washing the dishes and vacuuming her house. But she seems to do it so mindfully by taking care of the environment. You’ll find eco-friendly tips from making your own cleaning detergent to using the roots of vegetables to make vegetable tea. What we usually chuck away straight into the bin without thinking can be turned into a very nutritious warming tea. She’s created a home for her family where it feels very peaceful, warm and environmentally-sustainable. 


Youtube | 냥숲nyangsoop

Nyangsoop is seriously living my cottagecore dreams, so fitting as the “soop” in her username actually means forest. On her off days, she has a cottage home in the forest of the countryside to live in. To me, that is the definition of peace with nature! It even seems like she’s got a river streaming in her backyard.  But the interior design of her home is just as cosy. The earthen furniture and kitchenware to the infinite pots of plants in her home is a match in heaven with the nature surrounding her home. Her videos really show her appreciation towards the little things around her as she enjoys the simplicities of her life. I can see why the little complexities of her city life immediately go away when she’s living in her cottage home!

꿀주부 Honeyjubu

Youtube | 꿀주부 Honeyjubu

Honeyjubu’s vlogs are so calming, showing her daily life as she starts her days super early! Her outlook on life is really inspiring, saying to live it diligently with gratitude! She’s got a lot of tricks to keep her house clean yet cosy which I think are super helpful to keep in mind. You’ll also find zero-waste DIYs’ where she shows you that there are actually simple and easy ways to make your living space much better for the environment. If you’re struggling on what to make for meals like me, Honeyjubu will be a cooking inspiration for you too! 😂

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