K-Movie: 13 Years of Love for Fate to Ruin?

by Michelle Li

On Your Wedding Day | 너의 결혼식 (2018)

The chill of autumn has fully entered and oh my, it has been cold, especially in the late evenings 🍂  As it gets dark so early, there’s nothing I want to do more than cosy up at home and chill out. So lately, instead of going out on the weekends, my friends and I have just been lounging at home, ordering takeaways and enjoying movies together. If you are doing the same, here’s a movie to watch this chilly weekend!

On Your Wedding Day is a rom-com movie for your friends to not only squeal over the hot main lead, Hwang Woo-yeon (Kim Young-kwang) but all the cute and romantic scenes between him and Seung-hee (Park Bo-young) 🥰  It’s a movie that plays into the innocence of youth yet as the characters mature they learn together that there is more to adulthood than they think. 


This movie starts with Woo-yeon receiving a wedding invitation from Hwan Seung-hee, his first love. This sets the scene for a flashback of his innocent high school days 13 years ago with her while reminiscing the moments that they had together. Woo-yeon is a rebellious and goofy teenager, constantly getting into fights and has no interest in studying for his future. On the other hand, Seung-hee is a new transfer student from Jeju Island. She’s the total opposite of Woo-yeon. A hardworking student who focuses on her studies, doesn't involve herself with drama, and disregards any guys that show interest in her. As soon as Woo-yeon sees her, it’s love at first sight that makes him do anything to please her 😍 Upon them two skipping class together, Seung-hee and Woo-yeon come up with a plan to pretend to date, as a way for guys to stop flirting with Seung-hee. As they hang out more for this plan to seem believable, they get to know more about each other and develop into what seems to be a romantic relationship. Until one day out of the blue Seung-hee ghosts out on Woo-yeon. This ends their high school relationship leaving Woo-yeon upset and frustrated 🥺


One year after their first encounter, we see Woo-yeon working at a chicken restaurant, whereas Seung-hee's a student at Hankuk University, a top university in Seoul. When Woo-yeon finds out that’s where she studies, he works hard and gets accepted into the same university. It’s obvious that he hasn’t moved on from her and will do anything to see her again. They reunite and Seung-hee starts to realise Woo-yeon's sincere feelings while pushing down her own insecurities. But fate seems to have other plans as they wander in and out of each other's lives for the next eight years. An emotional rollercoaster with ups and downs shows us their relationship at its very best but also at its worst. It focuses on their long-term relationship throughout a 13 year timeline from the very beginning of their youth to finally maturing into adulthood. Throughout this time, we also see their relationship develop and change and leave us wondering what made them grow apart when they were so in love? 🤔 


So, if you are ever planning a movie marathon for the weekend, why not add On My Wedding Day, a classic rom-com that will have you laughing and also have you in tears? Enjoy a fall cosy playlist to get you in the mood and end the night with a movie for the best relaxing weekend in! Here’s a trailer for those who are interested!

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