K-Movie: A Scandalous Family Comedy for a Laugh

by Isabel Bang

Scandal Makers | 과속스캔들 (2008)

Lotte Entertainment | Scandal Makers

Hyun-Soo (Cha Tae-Hyun) used to be the biggest star in the celebrity scene. Although his spotlight has faded, he’s still loved by the public as the DJ of his radio program “Afternoon Radio with Hyun-Soo.” With not much to complain about his life as a happy bachelor in his thirties, even his radio was on the road to success as it gained more listeners. The show had to thank the loyal listener Hwang Jung-Nam for the attention they were getting because it was her letters that the people were interested in. For three months, Jung-nam sent her stories as a young single mom missing her long lost father. When she announced that she’s finally going to go meet her dad, Hyun-Soo encouraged her brave soul to go find her roots and re-start her father-daughter relationship. Little did he know that this young girl would show up at his doorstep with her baby son.  

Lotte Entertainment | Scandal Makers

Jae-In (real name of Jung-Nam) (Park Bo-Young) shocks Hyun-Soo as she confronts him as his daughter that he gave birth to in ninth grade. Like father, like daughter, she also had her son Gi-Dong (Wang Seok-Hyun) when she was in tenth grade. Hyun-Soo refused to believe this story, but blood tests spoke the truth. Suddenly stuck with a 22-year-old daughter and a 6-year-old grandson, Hyun-Soo was totally losing it. If this scandal leaks, he would be a goner in the conservative Korean entertainment industry and lose the not-the-best-but-still-glamorous celebrity life that he has now.

Lotte Entertainment | Scandal Makers

To make matters worse, Jae-In enters a singing contest hosted by Hyun-Soo’s radio show. Turns out that she was massively talented, which obviously took her to the public’s interest. This, of course, wasn’t the best news for our poppy in his thirties who wanted to hide the truth about his unintended offsprings. The hidden relations later severely elevates the problem and pushes Hyun-Soo to make choices between his family and his status.

Lotte Entertainment | Scandal Makers

My personal highlights of Scandal Makers includes Jae-In’s first song she sang at the singing contest audition, ‘Perhaps That’. It’s been more than 10 years since the release of this movie, yet the movie’s remake of this very old 80’s song is still in our playlists. To add on, little Gi-Dong in this movie is INCREDIBLY adorable and his cute acting was a sensation back in 2008 as well. The actor Wang Seok-Hyun recently starred in talk shows and confessed that he hardly remembers the whole shooting cause he was too young back then 😂 

Nothing else is better for Christmas day than everyone gathered with choc chip cookies, milk, and watching a good family comedy. When you’re done with your Harry Potter marathon this Christmas and yet still craving more movies to watch in bed, Scandal Makers could be a nice change! Plus, another reason I love this film is the old and tacky Korean movie vibes from the 2000s - if you’re a classic movie lover like me, give it a go 🎬

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