Auckland CBD Bringing Powerful K-pop Choreography

by Michelle Li

We can always appreciate K-pop group's talented and intense choreography that makes their performance complete with stage presence! And us k-pop fans are showing our love in different ways 😍 That is through K-pop covers, whether that’s vocals, dancing, or even both. To show some K-pop love, we thought we would compile some of the K-pop dance crews located right here in Auckland! These dance crews have proven their unbelievable talent and we can’t help but stan them also 🙌🏻  


Starting off with an OG k-pop dance group, Ace Crew was established in 2012 by Movementum Dance Studio with a mix of male and female members. A massive crew, they rotate around for each dance cover so it’s a fun one to watch each time. Utilising this big crew, majority of their k-pop dance covers are from larger-membered groups which makes their covers that much more entertaining. We all know how in-sync k-pop groups’ choreographics are so it’s crazy they can pull it off so well! Not only that, their level of coordination and teamwork is proven from the many formation changes throughout each video, a K-pop choreography must! Seems easy for Ace Crew as they show their talents off and not to mention, their outfits are flawlessly styled to match the vibe of each song. See for yourself with their cover of EXO’s Monster.


Girl power unite with an all girl-group dance crew, Crave! This 4-member group’s first upload was from the iconic k-pop group Twice’s debut song “Like Ooh-Aah.” Often collabing with NZ choreographers and even other k-pop dance crews like MDC, they have continued to prove themselves with plenty of live performances and even entering K-pop dance competitions. With energetic expressions that make their stage presence even better, here’s a look at their Blackpink “DDU-DU DDU-DU'' performance right at Auckland Uni.


Another huge k-pop dance crew in Auckland is NZKDA! Another group that came out of a dance studio, their signature ‘Random Play Dance’ series are their most-watched videos where you can see many of the crew’s talented dance moves just in front of you. Each member comes out if they know the K-pop choreography and dance so it gives you the chance to see all their talent in a super interactive way. There is a high chance you would have seen this live at Chancery Square in Auckland CBD. But out of all their dance covers, my personal favourite is their most recent upload, Everglow’s ‘First.’ Like Everyglow’s powerful choreography, NZKDA have replicated it so well with an eye-catching intro that fits perfectly with this song 🖤


We can’t forget to mention MDC, who’s making moves with their dance crew! Their beautifully shot videos and coordinated outfits show off their dance covers perfectly. Not only have some of the members had the opportunity to fly to South Korea, they even met K-pop group, TXT there too. That wasn’t just it, they made us K-pop obsessed Kiwis proud by performing live on Korean TV with TXT’s debut song, Crown! If you haven’t seen it yet, here’s just a peek at their talented dancing but also they have made this moment even more iconic with their own vocals. They totally killed it with their energetic and stage presence-filled performance!

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