K-pop Industry’s Top Beauty Secrets

by Michelle Li

We’ve taken a lot of inspiration from k-pop idols whether that’s their fashion, lifestyles or various makeup looks. Their flawless makeup especially, has become one of the main characteristics of k-pop idols. Their iconic looks are recreated as cover makeups on platforms like Youtube and TikTok. Not only are these makeup looks pretty, but the need for them to look perfect and stay their best for their long schedules means there has to be some tips that only the k-pop industry knows. K-pop idol’s make-up artists have shared some know-hows and so we’ve decided to compile our favourite ones to help achieve a long-lasting and beautiful makeup look just like your favourite k-pop idol. 


Beauty Secret #1: Green Tea to Debloat

Wavve Originals | TaengKey Box

Featured on TaengKey Box, a web-entertainment TV show, Taeyeon mentioned that the salon she goes to offers a cup of brewed green tea mixed with honey or sugar as free service. The salon ‘Oui Oui Atelier’ is one that a lot of K-celebrities frequent to get their makeup and hair done. This easy-to-make tea known as ‘nokseol’ amongst insiders, helps debloat and depuff the face while also helping them warm up their throat so their voice is in the best condition for their performances.

Beauty Secret #2: 4:1 Foundation Primer Ratio

Youtube | OK Beauty

A flawless makeup base is a must for k-pop idols to ensure their makeup stays put and looks the best on camera. One makeup artist shared a tip to mix foundation and primer together in a 4:1 ratio to not only help the makeup last but make the following steps sit better on the skin. Using a spatula to apply a light layer first and then blending it in with a damp makeup sponge will help create a more even and translucent look. Twice’s makeup artist says that she makes sure she spends extra time patting in the foundation with a sponge before adding more layers. This makes sure the product adheres extremely well to the skin to ensure that the makeup lasts throughout the entire day.

Beauty Secret #3: Lashes & Aegyosal are Key

Instagram | @noodle.zip

With k-pop idols’ intense eyeshadow to match the aesthetic of their performance, makeup artists take extra time for eyelashes. There are three things considered a must to complete the perfect eye-makeup. Firstly, curl lashes with heat to make sure the lashes are kept curled and lifted all day. This is often done by heating a matchstick with a lighter to apply against the lashes. To further create a wide-eyed appearance, go in with individual or cut-up lash extensions rather than full falsies. Using this method also allows you to space out the lashes to your liking so it doesn’t hide the eyeshadow. This creates a more natural look too! Even Somi featured this tip in a recent Vogue's Youtube video and claimed that this step is an everyday essential. Lastly, accentuate your lower lashes by using a tweezer to clump the lower lashes together after applying mascara. This further accentuates your eyes and creates a doll-eyed look. Plus here, for K-Pop Idols, you cannot leave out emphasising the Aegyosal ("the pocket of fat found directly under the eye"). Having this under the eyes makes you look younger and even makes you eyes look bigger! All you gotta do is smile with your eyes and highlight just where are Aegyosal comes out with some glitters, and only lightly contour a line a shadow right beneath it.

Beauty Secret #4: Shaping Eyebrows

Top of the Kpops / Kpopping / Naver Blog | bora_2010 / News1

Before k-pop makeup artists even start applying makeup, they shape the k-pop idol’s eyebrows. Eyebrows frame your face so changing it up slightly can alter your overall look. SNSD’s Hyoyeon and Seohyun are examples where changing up their eyebrow shape caught the attention of K-netizens. A straight brow creates a softer and more youthful appearance as opposed to arched brows that create more of a powerful look. Depending on the album concept, changing brow shapes can give off an entirely different mood!

Beauty Secret #5: Twinkle Eye Make-Up


If there’s one look that is essential to k-pop makeup it’s the glittery eye makeup. It’s always so pretty seeing this look twinkle during their performances. Makeup artist uses an eyeshadow with small glitter particles to apply, making sure it doesn’t go past the eyelid. This avoids the eye makeup from looking stuffy and overdone. Then they apply a more dominant one in the centre of your eyelids using the fingers. A must is to use liquid glitter with large particles so your eye makeup stands out and lasts all day! To use, she dots the biggest glitters of the product sparsely on with a brush to the centre of the aegyo-sal. Now that you know how to apply, feel free to check out some of Chungha’s holy grails to achieve the perfect glitter look here

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