K-pop: Halloween Performances That Will Have You Spooked

by Michelle Li

We are already nearing the end of October (😱) and that means the spooky season is upon us. As an introverted myself, I’ve never been the type to go out to celebrate so cozying up during this year’s Halloween is fine by me. But of course, that doesn’t mean I won’t be getting into the Halloween spirit. For those of you who are like me and are scared to watch horror movies alone, we have K-pop groups to thank because there are other ways to get us enjoying Halloween. Yes, let’s do it through catchy music and dancing that will still have you spooked!  So, join me in watching Halloween-themed performances to get into the spirit of this spooky season instead.

SHINee | Evil 

Let’s slowly jump into this Halloween spirit with Shinee’s Evil performance. This video isn’t necessarily spooky until you understand the lyrics. Nonetheless, this video is one to watch to appreciate Shinee’s pure level of talent in their vocals but also choreography too! They are even blindfolded in the first half of this song,  showing a seriously high level of coordination skills. And yes, this is a live performance with various changes in dance formations too 😯

As they vocalise the evil monster that continues to torture and haunt them through an inescapable nightmare, you really get to see their charisma shine through. This one is a must-watch for our K-pop fans, especially during Halloween! Check it out below:

Dreamcatcher | Boca 

Out of many things to be loved during Halloween, fun costumes are one of them! And it seems like kpop idols love it too, including girl group Dreamcatcher. They’ve taken inspiration from the popular k-drama, Kingdom, with their costumes and have even switched up their choreography to suit the times of the Joseon Dynasty. ‘Boca’ sure is a catchy song already with its powerful beats and dance moves, so this performance is one that sure is memorable.  Give this performance a watch and see how they have transformed into Kingdom characters! And for a surprise that might catch you off-guard, you might want to watch till the end:

G-idle | Put it Straight (Nightmare ver.)

Moving on, G-idle ‘s Put it Straight is actually one of my favourite b-side track of theirs so it was exciting to see them performing it live on Queendom. It’s now my favourite performance they’ve ever done! Don’t get too scared by their acting in this video though, I was shocked when I first watched it. It will catch your attention right from the beginning with an intro that may have you spooked! This performance showcases G-idle’s unbelievable acting, even leaving the other contestants gasping and in shock expressions. With Soo-jin’s powerful rapping and even contortionists featured in this performance it is definitely one to watch below:

Ukwon | Hit the Stage Joker

If anyone has watched the Joker movie, his facial expressions are one of the characteristics he’s well-known for and honestly, it’s sinister to watch. With U-Kwon’s Hit the Stage performance resembling Joker, you can see how well he’s captured Joker’s famous expressions throughout the entire performance 🤡 The intense performance by U-Kwon captured the psychotic behaviour of the Joker and summarised the plot of the highly acclaimed Joker movie. Watch below to see why U-Kwon’s Hit the Stage performance went viral:

There are countless performances done by K-pop idols for every occasion. They really know how to up our spirits even during Halloween. I will definitely be entertained at home with upbeat music and good vibes during this holiday 😍 If you are unsure of how to celebrate Halloween this year, why not jam out to a good K-pop session and have these creepy k-pop performances on your must-watch list for Halloween?

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