Ace Idol Makeup with their Makeup Artist's Secrets 💋

by Michelle Li

Who’s seen the latest contouring trick on Tiktok? I thought it was a well-known trick to contour until many videos of people trying out for the first time popped up. Turns out, it was just a well-kept secret in the K-beauty world, more specifically for K-pop makeup artists. So here’s a compilation of some of the K-pop makeup artists’ tips and even makeup products that you’ll find in their kit 😉

The Foundation to Makeup

Youtube | 해민선생 HAEMIN SUNSAENG

I’m sure this one comes as no surprise to you because it’s the makeup tool that you’ll find in all makeup kits, the Piccasso Makeup Spatula. It creates thin and smooth foundation layers which is a must for not only a non-cakey base but it makes makeup last longer too! This is essential for when K-pop idols are in front of cameras and on stage too. Don’t forget, smooth and poreless base is not just in the products but in the tools too! 

Signature Aegyo-Sal Look

Instagram | @bit.boot_jungyo

This tip I grabbed from Twice’s and Le Sserrafim's makeup artist, Won Jung Yo. I feel like she's become known for her signature aegyo-sal look. I’m sure many of you know that Korean makeup loves to accentuate the aegyo-sal, the puffy part of your under eye. It gives a very cute and youthful look so highlighting it is a must! For Jung Yo, there are three steps to achieve it. First, start with a peach-tone eyeshadow. Jung Yo actually goes in with a peach-toned concealer which is often used to colour-correct dark circles. I actually tried this trick, and somehow, it accentuated my not very existent aegyo-sal straight away! Then, create a shadow to define your aegyo-sal even more with a liner. With so many Koreans doing this, many K-beauty brands have come out with their own aegyo-sal liner like Lilybyred’s Smiley. Lastly, top it off with glitter to bring forward and highlight the aegyo-sal even more! 

Viral Contour Trick

Youtube | 아이엠맹 I AM MAENG

Okay, the contour trick that many Korean makeup artists use on their K-pop idol clients. Apparently, Asians have cheekbones that protrude out more, whereas Western face shapes cheekbones lie more forward. No wonder K-makeup artists don’t contour with the typical three-shape! Instead, using a very cool contour shade, grab a small fluffy brush and start contouring straight down focusing on the side of your face. How much space to shade really depends but generally, it's the space from the end of your eyebrow and beyond. Just make sure to use a cool contour shade, to replicate a natural shadow. For my cool undertone, I personally like to use Peripera Ink V Shading in #03. After analysing K-pop idols makeups, you’ll see this method of contouring is done on K-pop idols to subtly slim down their face 😍

Doll Blush Placement


The huge blush trend is one that I’m so excited about! I’ve always been a blush person, but now the trend is the more, the better. If you really want to see how much blush changes a makeup look, Aespa is THE k-pop idols to reference. They’ve switched up their makeup look a lot since debut - from their matte, porcelain skin finish that’s very AI-esque to now fresh, dewy and in general, look more natural. Their makeup artist, Jo Eun Bee says it’s all in the blush! The go-to blush placement for many K-pop idols seems to be right under the eyes. It gives a doll-like look and can even slim down the appearance of your face.  After stalking Red Velvet’s makeup artist, Woosun, she seems to use Rom&nd Better than Cheek blushes the most (even hitting pan on them!) Check out some of her other products in her kit here. Oh, and the Nars Eyeshadow in #Galapagos that she has is a VERY common eyeshadow that a lot of Korean makeup artists use too.

After scrolling through the most known K-pop idol makeup artists on their Instagram and Youtube, you’ll be surprised to find a lot of industry makeup secrets that they share. These are the most common tips and makeup products that I found throughout the makeup artists that I lowkey stalked 😂

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