K-Pop Promotions are on a Different Level!

by Michelle Li

I’m sure many of you who keep up with our TMI articles, would have listened to K-pop at least once or fallen deep into one or multiple K-pop fandoms. We’re truly living our best lives as I feel like we get spoiled with content. Lately, I found myself more surprised by these creative, sometimes wacky ones that entertainment labels have been coming up with. If these don’t capture your attention, I don’t know what will!

Twitter | @lemonfinz

ATINY, ATEEZ’s fandom would notice that this k-pop male group and their label, KQ Entertainment have been stepping it up with their recent promotions. They have definitely come up with out-of-box and creative methods to capture both their fans and the general public. The album, ‘The World EP.2: Outlaw’ comeback was announced through ‘Wanted’ posters being plastered all over Hongdae and ‘Wanted’ billboards being put up but then destroyed a day later. These posters featured QR codes that would direct passersby to their teaser video. 


But the most mysterious one was during the announcement of ATEEZ’s Bouncy (K-Hot Chilli Peppers) single. To introduce the ‘Chilli Pepper’ element in this comeback, vegetable produce trucks were discovered by K-ATINY’s as they drove past that seemed like it was selling chilli peppers. As it drove by, ATEEZ’s voices would play over the speakers to give hints to their comeback, giving ‘farmer at a traditional market’ vibes 🧑‍🌾 Here’s the video that K-ATINY caught in action. Later on, fans that went to music live recordings received a ‘Chilli Pepper’ produce box that was filled with merch goodies. Turns out, people that walked past them were asking where they got such a huge quantity of chilli peppers 😂

Youtube | @SEVENTEEN

Variety shows have always been a huge thing in Korea. I remember when I first started getting into K-pop, Weekly Idol was the show where every idol wished to go on. But now that many more Koreans are using Youtube to upload various contents, you best believe K-pop stars are doing the same. Many k-pop groups go as far as uploading weekly variety series and there are some where production is insane 👏🏻👏🏻  If you want to have a good laugh, Going Seventeen, Run BTS, MonMukGo! are just some of the fan favourite shows. 


Remember how I mentioned pop up shops blew up last year? Many entertainment labels are jumping onto this in time for a group’s comeback. Just like other brands’ pop up stores, there’s usually an overarching theme which builds onto the excitement! These aesthetically pop up stores have opened up to celebrate an anniversary like Twice Records, or to promote Aespa’s new movie. It’s better for k-pop fans as often they aren’t as exclusive and are open to everyone. 

The birth of dance practices, behind the scenes content and photocards are just some features that are unique to K-pop. But now more creative content, pop up shops, secret promos, Tiktok challenges is how K-pop continues to stand out. With thousands of K-pop artists debuting every year, entertainment labels are doing everything to catch our attention even if it turns out to be a little crazy! Are there any K-pop groups that have stood out to you?

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