Reliving the ‘23 Moments with Year-End Broadcasts

by Michelle Li

Just before the year ends, each major TV broadcast (SBS, KBS, MBC) host one last music show 🎶🎉 You could think of it as a televised musical festival, where MULTIPLE K-pop idols join the line-up to perform their last stage of the year. Each show not only offers a concert-long lineup of music but it’s even better when our bias groups come together for a collab stage. It sure it’s one way to make the year end extra special with performances from idols of ‘23’s top K-pop groups. Check out the incredible collabs below ⬇️ 

MBC Gayo Daejejeon

The one stage that really got everyone star-struck was ITZY’s Yeji and Stray Kid’s Hyunjin’s ‘Play with Fire’ performance. Each performed their own solo stage, then finished off with an insane and powerful choreography that got everyone applauding 👏🏻 It was then time to show off girl power with Youngji and IVE’s Yujin’s stage. Youngji’s raspy deep voice paired with Yujin’s powerful vocals was what made their Beyonce and Lady Gaga covers incredible to watch! It’s hard to believe that along with the singing, they also danced for the entirety of their performance 😍

Yoosang, a Korean singer most active in the 90’s collaborated with SM Entertainment’s newest boy group, RIIZE. He’s actually Anton’s dad so everyone was excited to see a father-and-son duo moment (and Anton’s cello-playing talents too!) - watch the performance here. The song that really blew up on TikTok with #smokechallenge in the later half of the year was Dynamic Duo’s Smoke. Although, Youngji wasn’t there to sing her part, G-(idle)‘s Soyeon definitely made the song her own with her rap verses. The collab ended with non-stop cheering from the audience so do give the stage a watch here

KBS Music Bank Global Festival

For the first time, KBS held ‘Music Bank Global Festival’ instead of their usual ‘KBS Song Festival’. If you haven’t seen past Music Bank shows, TXT’s Soobin and Oh My Girl’s Arin were co-hosts together and known for their cute chemistry, as shown in this viral performance. We were lucky to see AKONG come together for not just one song but TWO. It’s just too cute not to watch this collab stage!!

IVE’s Liz, Leeseo, G-(idle)’s Miyeon and Yuqi were up next for their collab. I was super excited to see these four members of two VERY popular K-pop girl groups come together for a stage, and with an iconic song, IU’s Lilac too. KBS’s Global Festival didn’t just end there as AESPA’s Karina, Winter, RIIZE’s Wonbin and Shotaro showed off their rendition of SM Town’s Hot & Cold with this performance. It was cool to see SM TOWN’s maknaes performing and showing us what the 4th generation groups are made out of!

SBS Gayo Daejeon

SM Entertainment really took over with the collab of their hottest groups this year in another stage! Both AESPA and NCT played homage to their label mate, TVXQ, by covering their songs. AESPA’s rendition of ‘Mirrotic’ was a perfect match with their sharp and powerful choreographies that have become their signature. ‘I Believe’ was NCT’s choice of song sung by their main vocalists, XiaoJun, Doyoung and Chenle. Both stages proved the talents in both vocals and dance from SM Entertainment’s produced groups 😍 Some of the best 4th generation k-pop boy groups - RIIZE, ZEROBASEONE, &TEAM and BOYNEXTDOOR came together for a holiday “Christmas Party” stage. If you want to reminisce on all the merry vibes, definitely give this collab a watch! It was the perfect way to end SBS Gayo Daejeon.

Us K-pop fans are always looking forward to end of year music award shows and festivals because we get all these incredible performances from a variety of K-pop groups. It’s a rare to see opportunity and one that leaves us in awe every time! 

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