Know these Tiktok-Viral Songs are in Fact K-pop? 🎶

by Jasmine Kim

Cupid - Fifty Fifty 

@we_fiftyfifty #FIFTYvod | Cupid is so dumb ❤️‍🔥 #FIFTYFIFTY #TheBeginning #Cupid #피프티피프티 #큐피드 ♬ Cupid – Twin Ver. (FIFTY FIFTY) – Sped Up Version - sped up 8282

The song Cupid by Fifty Fifty, is one of the top viral songs on TikTok of 2023. I can guarantee that you would’ve heard this song at least once this year. The way this song went viral was purely a coincidence as no one expected it from Fifty Fifty, not even their agency. But through Cupid's TikTok challenges as well as releasing lyrics in English and creating a “Twin-Version” of the song, this created huge success. Fifty Fifty even entered the Billboard Hot 100 and UK Single charts, making them the fastest Korean musical act to enter the chart straight after their debut. Who knew this addictive song was K-pop?! 

Seven - Jung Kook

@bts_official_bighit Can't get enough of #JungKook dancing #JungKook_Seven 💗 #정국 #SevenDaysAWeek ♬ Seven (feat. Latto) - Clean Ver. - Jung Kook & Latto

BTS fans would know this song but even if you aren't one, I'm sure you have heard of it as it's even being played on the NZ radio from time to time. You’d hear the lyrics “Monday Tuesday Wednesday” and you’ll know the rest of the lyrics straight away! It's actually Jung Kook’s song, Seven featuring Latto. The ARMY proves once again on how powerful they are because not only have they made this song viral on TikTok but it claimed a fifth week at No. 1 on the Billboard Global 200, with 104.3 million streams and counting. Have you participated in the #sevendancechallenge? 

ASAP - NewJeans

@newjeans_official Tik tok tik tok tik tok 🎶 #NewJeans #뉴진스 #NewJeans_ASAP #NewJeans_GetUp #Time_to_NewJeans ♬ ASAP - NewJeans

New Jeans' songs shouldn’t be unfamiliar to you if you're simply scrolling through Tiktok. They’ve debuted with a bang since the release of their song, Attention back in 2022 and have continuously released top bangers. Their most recent viral song on TikTok, ASAP, has been very successful with viral videos left, right and centre whether the content is beauty, dance, unboxings, vlogs and more. ASAP is such a cute and therapeutic song, it’s no surprise that it’s the perfect one to make content to! NewJeans and their cute 90s and Y2K inspired theme and music continue to inspire us all!

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