Let's Attend K-pop Concerts...Virtually

by Michelle Li

Going to at least one k-pop concert is top of my bucket list! Who else is counting down for the Blackpink concert tickets to release? You already know that I’m going to be racing to get those tickets because New Zealand has been missing out on many K-pop world tours. I’m not about to miss what seems to be my only chance to attend one 😢 But for now, to feel the void, there’s been plenty of Korean Youtube channels that have released videos to capture the beautiful vocals of our favourite K-pop idols. So for now, let’s fill the only slightest bit of void and listen to our bias k-pop groups in a live concert…virtually 🥰

Killing Voice

To truly feel starstruck with your bias’ vocals, Dingo’s Killing Voice is one to watch! The space is kept simple where it’s just the k-pop idols and their talent-filled vocals as they give you a compilation of all their most-loved songs. For all the videos that I have seen, each artist always gives a quick “ment” (멘트), a comment or mention about each song before singing. It feels more personal and it’s just like how they would do it when you actually attend a concert. My favourite that I’ve recently watched is Seventeen’s Killing Voice. Their intense energy and top-tier vocals have made me watch theirs countless times!

KBS Cool Live

In Korea, many radio shows are filmed live so you can see the artist as they are also broadcasted through radio. KBS CoolFM is one of them, playing K-pop songs 24/7! When I first started listening to K-pop, I remember watching a lot of these as it was the closest to hearing my favourite K-pop idols live. I feel like it also features a lot more indie k-pop idols along with of course, more popular K-pop idols too than the other Youtube channels out there! Watch Onewe, an indie alternative rock band where they even play their own instruments while singing here:

it’s Live

Similar to Killing Voice, it’s Live’s Band Live gives you a mix of powerful vocals and synchronised choreography depending on the K-pop group. But what makes it a little different is it’s with a live band so it creates a totally different vibe from the original track. It’s more exciting, giving it more of a rock genre that you can jam out to! You will even find K-pop idols covering other’s songs changing it up with their own take on the vocals. A subtle K-pop collaboration that we never knew we needed! Check out NMIXX’s cover of Blackpink’s Kill This Love and see how they change it up to fit their unique style:

Ever since the start of COVID-19, more and more Korean Youtube channels have popped up dedicated to give us a concert-like experience even if it’s just watching through the screen. I’ll be watching all these Youtube channels until I get to finally attend a live K-pop concert one day! Let me know which video you are constantly replaying below 👇

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