K-Recipe: Ever Heard of the Fried Rice & Ramyeon Combo?

by Michelle Li

Many of us are wrapping up the year and that means we are busy, BUSY! I know the last thing I want to be doing as soon as I get home from a full-on day, is cooking up a storm - imagine just how many dishes I’ll have to wash too 😅 But thank god we have 2-minute meals like ramyeon to fall back on. In Korea, versions of 2-minute noodles are infinite so meals you can come up with are endless too!

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The first ramyeon recipe that became viral was “마크정식” which literally translates to Mark Meal, referring to Got7’s Mark. This recipe actually doesn’t have much to do with the K-pop idol. His fan actually just showed off her recipe on a forum and named it “Mark Meal” in hopes to get his name out when browser-searching. During this time, when you search "Mark", Minecraft always came up 😂

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The recipe honestly isn’t much, but nonetheless it went viral simply because as easy and quick as it was, it tasted delicious. Even though it just involved convenience store-bought meals that took just a few minutes to prepare. To recreate the "Mark Meal", it combines cup tteokbokki, sausage, and ramyeon together. Top it off with cheese and that's it! I've linked a Tiktok video here to prove just how simple it is. 

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These convenience store ramyeon recipes doesn't just end here. Koreans would combine all sorts of ramyeon together - Chapagetti and Neoguri (Chapaguri), Neoguri and Tteokbokki (Neobokki) or even putting Jjamppong and Chapagetti together to make “Opagetti”. This combinations quickly became viral and soon many ramyeon brands would make Koreans’ life much easier by offering these ramyeon combos in one cup. This is where the term, ‘modi-sumer’ (모디슈머) came about by combining the words ‘modify’ and ‘consumer’ together.


But there's more to these out-of-box ramyeon recipes! The combination of two VERY easy and quick meals, egg fried rice and ramyeon became the next ‘modi-sumer’ recipe. This all started through a hole-in-the-wall shop called Curra Food located in one of the hottest K-cities, known as ‘hip Euljiro’. You would walk in, choose your flavour of cup ramyeon (there is a shelf full of options) and your toppings. 10 minutes later, you get served a tower of ramyeon mixed in with fried rice. 

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This “modi-sumer- recipe became so hot and viral that brands quickly caught onto this, even making their own versions. GS25, a convenience store chain released two flavours, spicy and jjajang (자장), a flavour inspired by black bean noodles. Ottogi also launched their version, 'Jin Ramyun Fried Rice’, featuring their famous Jin Ramyun. So if you’ve already gone crazy over trying some of the ramyeon combos here, then why not branch out with this ‘Cup Ramyeon Fried Rice’ recipe?


  • 1 cup ramyeon of your choice
  • 1 cup cooked white rice or instant rice (day-old is best!)
  • 1 egg
  • Cooking oil
  • 1 tsp sesame oil (optional but definitely highly recommended 😋)
  • ½ tsp sesame seeds (optional)


  1. Open cup noodles and set the spice packets aside. Crush up the noodles. 
  2. Add spice packets and cook according to instructions. Set aside. 
  3. On medium to high heat, fry up and scramble the egg.
  4. Add the rice and mix well.
  5. Add cooked cup noodles and give it one good mix!
  6. To serve, pack the rice firmly in the cup. This will hold its shape and plate up. 
  7. Once plated up, it’s ready to eat. Enjoy 😋

Seems like there are many steps but it can't get much easier when you've got two of the most easy meals to cook up. Click here if you want to see the Tiktok video for this recipe. If you would like, you can even add sausage and pair it with kimchi and seaweed. It’s simple additions like these that will take it up a notch! For your lunch or dinner, this Cup Ramyeon Fried Rice recipe is quick to whip up in no time and makes for a filling meal to get you through the holidays 🍜

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