#K-RECIPE: Open Now! Home Cafe with Korean Snacks

by Larissa Tsui

Jolly Pong Frappuccino


Jolly Pong (죠리퐁) is a Korean puffed wheat snack that is eaten alone as a snack or cereal. It is glazed in a honey-like sugary syrup making it a super light and tasty snack! Using this snack in drinks became a trend amongst Koreans and is now even found in many coffee shops in Korea too! Here’s how to make this viral cereal drink! Blend milk (150ml) + ice (180g) + Jolly Pong (20g) together. Pour the blended drink into a cup and top it off with some more Jolly Pong. Grab a spoon and scoop up the Jolly Pong as you sip, a 2-in-1, drink and snack! 

Dwaeji Bar Shake


A classic Korean ice cream bar - Dwaeji Bar (돼지바). Dwaeji means pig in Korean, but don’t worry, no pork goes into this ice cream. Instead, it is a tasty vanilla ice cream bar filled with strawberry sauce, and covered with a thin coat of chocolate with crunchy chocolate biscuit pieces. This too became a trend in Korea and is found in large chain coffee shops as well! To start, crush up some oreos. Blend milk (100ml) + vanilla ice cream (150g) + ice (50g). Add the crushed oreos to the blended drink and give it a few stirs. To serve, add frozen strawberries (50g) or strawberry sauce to the bottom, pour in the blended drink and sprinkle some more crushed oreos on top for garnish - and add some whipped cream too if you like! This Dwaeji Bar Shake is like a drink version of NZ’s Tip Top’s Rocky Road and sure to be slurped up in no time!

Banana Latte


Binggrae’s Banana Flavoured Milk (바나나 우유) is the cutest lil drink that comes in a little round bottle that you poke a straw through the top to drink. It is a favourite for both little ones and adults 🤗 Although the cute lil bottle versions aren’t available in NZ, we have the carton box version instead! ⅔ cup of banana milk + ice + 1 or 2 shots of coffee (your choice of strength) is all you need to make this latte! Now sip away at this simple and easy upgrade to your usual coffee!

Injeolmi Latte


Injeolmi (인절미) is one of the many types of delicious rice cakes. It is shaped into small pieces and then dusted and covered with roasted soybean powder. This soybean powder is the main character of this rice cake. To make a delicious drink version of this, add 5 spoons soybean flour + 3 spoons sugar + 1 cup water and mix well. Then whip up 1 cup fresh cream + 4 spoons of condensed milk. Pour 1.5 cups of hot milk + the soybean flour mixture into a cup and add the cream. Top your drink with an injeolmi snack or a skewer of actual injeolmi! Enjoy this tasty drink that gives a nice nutty flavour-y sweetness.

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