K-Snacks: We All Scream for Ice cream(-snacks)!

by Isabel Bang


Instagram @muyhijahc

This is such a well-known combo now, that it would be weird to have Excellent without Kukudas. These are both very classic Korean ice cream/snacks that have been around forever. Excellent is a vanilla flavoured ice cream cube, which its halves are perfectly sandwiched between halves of Kukudas. As a kid I liked the Vienna Coffee flavoured Kukudas better (cause I felt like an adult haha), but I feel like the creamy White Torte flavour suits better with the vanilla ice cream! Since both Kukudas and Excellent sits on the classy side of K-snacks, it’s a cute dessert to pull out for when friends pay a visit as well :D



Gyeran Gwaja, literally translated to ‘Egg snack’ or ‘Egg cookies’ are mildly flavoured cookies baked with flour, eggs, butter, and sugar. It’s a nice coin-sized cookie to munch on with some milk on the side. Because of the not-too-strong flavour, it's also known as the babies’ snack, but I would go buy a Gyeran Gwaja for myself any day. Similar to Kuku-lent, these cookies are used to sandwich slices of ice cream. Nokcha Maru is a matcha flavoured ice cream that comes in either sticks or tubs. If you get the stick one and chop them up in bite sizes, it’ll fit right between two Gyeran Gwajas. As a matcha + butter cookie lover, this one will have to be my favourite out of all K-Ice cream & snack combos.

Kan-pare & Pang-Songi

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I feel like Kancho is one of the well-known Korean snacks here in NZ, cause many of my Kiwi friends love these as well. They are crunchy balls with milk chocolate inside, something that nobody would stand to dislike. Sticking these on either a vanilla or chocolate flavoured Pangpare are both fun and a yum eat! Some prefer sticking Choco-Songi instead of Kancho's, which are mushroom-shaped snacks with chocolate hats! Soft cones go well with anything after all.

Toge-Poka Chip

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Koreans are all about dan-jjan (sweet & salty) when it comes to snacks. They believe that after having something savoury, you crave sweets, and after sweets, you crave savouries. There's even a saying that goes “if you have sweets and savouries in turns, you could continue eating forever." So when a dessert includes both sweet and salty, there’s nothing better! Together is a vanilla ice cream tub that’s loved nationwide - it may seem like Korea has a LOT of vanilla flavoured ice creams but I swear they all taste different 😂 Rather than having this by itself, if you add the salted potato chips, Poka Chips, it gets TOO GOOD. It’ll be something similar to dipping your Meccas chips to your soft cone, BUT BETTER.

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