TV Show: Ready for More Fan-Girling Moments?

by Jasmine Kim

Street Woman Fighter 2 l 스트릿 우먼 파이터 시즌 2 (2023)

Mnet | Street Woman Fighter 2

Street Woman Fighter is back with season 3 meaning more dance battles, on-trend music and and even more women empowerment! You may be wondering season 3 already?! It seems like we just talked about season 1 in a previous TMI article which you can read about here. How is it season 3 and why are we talking about it again? Season 2 did happen but it was called  Street Man Fighter featuring only male contestants. We're talking about season 3 because some of the contestants hit closer to home. Like past seasons, there are 8 dance crews battling it out to be number one! Featuring in this season are, 1million, Bebe, Deep N Dap, Lady Bounce, Mannequeen, Tsubakill, Wolf’Lo and Jam Republic. Jam Republic is a talent agency who started in 2010 to help creative dance artists find professional work around the world. Two of our fellow Kiwi artists Kirsten and Ling from one of NZ’s most famous dance crew, known as the Royal Family are in the show making it more relatable and hit closer to home.

Instagram | @officialroyalfamilydancecrew

So you may be asking, who are the Royal Family and why are they so famous? The Royal Family dance crew are from the Royal Palace Dance studios, founded by Parris Goebel. Parris is a NZ Choreographer and dancer most known for working alongside mainstream artists including Rihanna, Jennifer Lopez and Justin Bieber. She's choreographed music videos like “Yummy” by Justin Bieber, “Touch” by Little Mix and  “How Do You Sleep?” by Sam Smith. The Royal Family has won the World Hip Hop Dance Championship three times in a row, becoming the first dance crew in history to achieve it! This is a huge achievement and recognition for little old New Zealand and a proud moment for us to be recognised globally. Parris’ right-winged crew members Kirsten and Ling are representing NZ through the Jam Republic dance crew on Street Woman Fighter 2. They’ve both featured in Rihanna's Fenty Beauty shows, J-Lo in the Super Bowl along with being starred in many music videos of celebrities. In the first episode you can see the excitement of the other dancers and crew members being able to meet Kirsten and Ling in real life because the girls are famous even amongst the other dancers.

Mnet | Street Woman Fighter 2

Just like previous seasons, the main host of the show is Daniel Kang but the judges for this round are different. This season we have the judges, Shownu from Monsta X, Monika from Crew Prowdmon (She was also a competitor in season 1), and Mike Song from Kinja. So far, we’re only a few episodes into this season but each episode is roughly 2 hours long with a LOT of drama. There have been two missions so far, “No Respect, Battle of the Weakest” which involved 1:1 battles amongst dancers from different crews. Although every dancer is famous in the dancing world, they are unfamiliar to the general public. So these 1:1 battles showed us what type of dancer they are and their strengths. They can be quite intense especially when some of the dancers have history or beef with each other. It'll make you grip onto the edge of your seat for more! In the second mission, the dancers are categorised by “class”, the leaders, middle and rookie class. Then the crew members are mixed up into different categories and forced to dance with different members.

Mnet | Street Woman Fighter 2

I can’t wait for more episodes where they’ll perform their dance routines! With more episodes, I’m sure our opinions of each dancer will change constantly. A new episode is aired every Tuesday making the rest of the week go by a little easier 😂 Not sure about all of you, but these women empowerment and charismatic shows really have me fan-girling! Although I’m personally not a great dancer, it’s always satisfying to watch great dancers shake their bodies to the movement of music. It’s also more interesting when fellow Kiwi dancers from good old NZ are featured on the show. As a Kiwi-Korean, I’m definitely relating more to the show cheering the Kiwi casts as well as fangirling over the other amazing Korean dancers! If you want to catch glimpses of what Street Women Fighter S2 is like, lucky for you Mnet posts clips from each episode here.

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