K-Trendy Hairstyles For You to Bloom in Spring!

by Michelle Li

Vintage Orange

Get ready for the bold colours of Spring! I’m already seeing all sorts of vibrant shades in every clothing store I walk into so why not brighten up with not just the clothes you’re wearing but also with your hair colour. A way to express your personality even more! ‘Vintage Orange’ is the next hair colour that just so perfectly fits into the Spring mood 🍊 This shade of orange can instantly brighten up your complexion for you to glow even more, the best way to enter the spring season just like how Sunmi and Jennie wore it this past spring in Korea! So why not change your hair colour up and try out the Mise en Scene #8O Sunset Orange to start?! 

Wolf Cut

A gender-neutral haircut that looks great on both boys and girls! The wolf cut is all about layers which is why it’s the best one if you struggle with flat hair and need that extra volume! The wolf cut is done with short layers up top while leaving the rest however long you want so it’s great for any hair length you have. And to frame your face, add even more layering to create curtain bangs that fit best with this shaggy hairstyle! Finish it off with a volume curl cream to give your hair even more texture. 

Blunt Bangs

When see-through bangs were a thing, now is the time for blunt bangs! Instead of leaving the bangs wispy, blunt bangs are much more defined and less piecey but no less, it still creates a very cute hairstyle perfect for the spring. If you have a longer face structure, you may find that blunt bangs will suit you much more than see-through bangs do. For a more 90’s hairstyle, opt to cut the bangs shorter to totally change up the look!

Two-Tone Highlights

For those of you who are scared to dye your hair a whole different colour, highlights may just be your way to add some spring hue to your hairstyle! The key is for the highlights to add contrast to your natural hair colour. It’s currently trending in Korea to add blonde streaks to black hair for a strong dimension but two-tone highlights are also a fun way to experiment with colour! Why not add some pastel colours to the hair to get into the spring spirit with hues like the Mise en Scene’s #9B Twinkle Blue or #11P Ballet Pink?

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