Korean 2020 F/W Fashion Trend Items to Note (Pt. 2) 📝

by Isabel Bang

1. Short Puffer Jackets


Korea’s obsession with long puffer jackets is now over. It’s time for the shorter ones to shine! In New Zealand, we see many puffer jackets that are fitted quite tightly, but Koreans mostly wear their outerwear oversized. These short puffers are obviously the most popular in black or ivory, but if you want to pull some style you can refer to the fashion queen, Hyun Ah’s Instagram. HyunAh has been loving all sorts of patterned puffers like leopard, or and even Care Bears

2. Duffle Coats

INSTAGRAM @10.08_jimin / INSTAGRAM @lin_du__ / DANIELOUGE

Duffle coats had a huge sellout back in the 1990s, and the trend is coming back! As I said, the first step to K-fashion is wearing your outerwear oversized. These coats are often worn more in casual outfits, rather than formal. Personally, I think wearing duffle coats can get that effortless-chic look more so than peacoats. Since the long mono-colour piece can make the whole tone a bit dull, throwing on patterned scarfs, caps, or bags would be a good idea to improve the look!

3. Tweed Blazers


Tweed materials are more worn by ladies than gents, but nobody’s stopping the guys from looking amazing by pulling off a tweed themselves - like G-Dragon at the 2020 Chanel Paris Couture. These blazers can be seen mostly on more formal occasions than in dairy visits for late-night snacks. In offices, you can put together a dressy casual look and match a tweed blazer with something more relaxed, like a  pair of jeans. Black or grey tweed setups are the Korean girls’ go-to outfit when going to weddings, as they are both classy, beautiful, but not too standing out that you steal the bride’s thunder.

4. Jogger Pants


I always wanted to wear sweatpants everywhere, and now my wish is fulfilled. Joggers, apparently a “fashion-forward” version of sweatpants, are often lighter than sweats and have elasticised or cuffed ankles with a tapered fit. After the trend of high-low mix matching in fashion, many started trailing super relaxed and casual pieces matched with classy ones. You can at times see Hollywood or K-pop celebs wearing joggers and hoodies with oversized coats and high heels. But of course, you can still wear them easily with your Vans sneakers and feel at home, while you spend your late nights at your uni library.

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