The In-Style Autumn Fashion Items of 2022

by Isabel Bang

Collared Knit

Knitwears are the steady sellers in autumn, that come in various styles, weaves, and forms! This year, you might want to search for collared knit sweaters. Whether in polo buttons, half or full zips, knitted tops that have a v-neck collar are the new trend. Giving off a smart, cosy, but also a chill look, collared knit works great on both men & women. They open up your neckline, giving space around the shoulders and the face - which is a good fashion tip for those with rounded faces! 

Arm Warmers

Still can’t believe that the arm warmer trend is back because these things were the hottest fashion items back in the early 2000s. The retro fashion craze brought both leg & arm warmers back to life. These are warm & practical, yet also quite the hipster item. More so than leg warmers, Koreans find arm warmers easier to give a go by layering them under a long sleeve top or outer. But real fashionistas wear them with short sleeve T-shirts, at times layered with a knitted vest. When it hits winter, short sleeves may not be an option, so try this arm warmer look quick before autumn is gone!

Fleece Vests

While we welcome all things to layer up as the wind gets icier, right now isn’t just the time to pull out puffer jackets or fleece jumpers yet. While we’re stuck in this tricky temperature where we do need layers but nothing too hot, fleece vests are here for the rescue. Also called ‘bubbly vests’ in Korea, these wool textured vests with buttons can be seen A LOT in the Seoul streets. When worn on top of a long-sleeved top, it gives you just the right warmth and the cuteness you’ll ever need before winter.

Bomber Hats

Bomber hats, aka. trapper hats or aviator hats are a trend I think is happening in Korea only - I might be wrong on this! I’ve just never seen one of these in Auckland streets. Bomber hats are called ‘Gunbam (roasted chestnuts) hats’ in Korea because you see many street food vendors with roasted chestnuts out in the wintertime wearing these hats that delivers extra warmth! You can wear the flaps tied up during autumn, then tied down when the chill starts to freeze your ears - they’ll warm up your ears and face during the blustering gusts, plus keep you cute and in fashion!

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