Cocktail Happy Hour for an at Home XMAS Party

by Isabel Bang

Polapo Welch’s

In for pretty colours and grape flavoured drinks? Polapo is a frozen grape slushie that tastes like Welch's Grape Soda. As the name of this cocktail suggests, you put in a whole polapo in a long cylinder glass, pour Welch’s Grape third-way, and two shots of the Korean classic spirits, Soju. To make it fancy, Koreans also add grape flavoured gummies called “My Gummy”. These gummies can look cute, but with more Soju in the cocktail, they can soak up all the alcohol and later hit you bad like jello shots 😂 

Ujjujju Melona

“Ujjujju” is a sound that you make when seeing adorable babies and children, equivalent to “aww.” Suggesting that this Ujjujju Melona cocktail is for those who aren’t the best with alcohol! Melona is a rockmelon flavoured creamsicle, which is one of the most stable classic ice creams in Korea. The recipe states: one whole Melona, three shots of Soju, then fill up the glass with Sprite. The creamy ice cream makes foamy bubbles on the cocktail, adding smooth and creamy flavours to it. You’ll hardly taste the alcohol in this, so it’s an easy starter to have!

Jaws Cruiser

Another cocktail to add colours to the at-home party table! Jaws is a blue-ish grey coloured popsicle that tastes like soda on the outside, and like strawberries on the pink insides. Mixing this ice cream only with clear coloured liquids might not make the prettiest cocktail, which is why Cruiser Blueberry joins the recipe! One whole Jaws to start with, adding two shots of Soju, double of the Sprite, and just one shot of Cruiser Blueberry to take us into the summer mood ☀️💙 

Screw Kiss

This cocktail is actually the main star who started the whole ice cream cocktail trend in Korea. With the strong colours of the strawberry flavoured Screw Bar, making a pink cocktail was an easy job. There is another Korean drink in this recipe, Milkis - little tmi, this is my all-time favourite Korean fizzy drink!! The somewhat creamy taste in Milkis mixes perfectly with Soju, you’ll be surprised. One whole Screw Bar is blended with two glasses of Soju, then the glass is filled with Milkis. One tip for all the ice cream cocktails, you might want to melt or crush the ice cream in the drink after the IG photos to enjoy the drinks at their best!

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