Beauty Standards That Only Koreans Have

by Isabel Bang

Small Face 

KBS2 | Happy Together 3

Have you had a Korean coming up to you and complimenting your “small face”? Yes, that’s a thing in Korea 😂 Having a smaller face means that your body proportion is well-balanced, making you appear taller than you actually are. Along with the small face, if you have long legs too, your Korean friend won’t be able to help but praise your amazing proportions. Some celebrities known for their great proportions include Yo-seob from Highlight, YooA from Oh My Girl and Minho from SHINee.

Double Eyelids

YouTube | Maho Channel

Any K-Beauty lover would have heard something about “double eyelids” or “mono lids”. Unlike western countries, having mono lids is much more common in East Asian countries. This is probably why having double lids is considered more special and beautiful in the first place! Having a Double eyelid makes your eyes appear bigger and wider - which many Koreans prefer. Personally, I find people with mono lids more attractive because of their unique Asian beauty - some celebrities loved for their gorgeous mono lids include Kim Da-mi, Yeji from ITZY, and Jun-ho from 2PM.

90° Shoulders

Twitter | @Jen_Chuuu

One of the first things that Jennie from Blackpink got noticed for was, yes her talent, yes her beauty, but also her “90° Shoulders.” What does this mean? That your neck to shoulder line is straight, not droopy. Your shoulders make quite a bit of impact on your clothing fit. Regardless of gender, straight shoulders shape your top in a much slimmer and smoother silhouette. If you don’t have a correct posture, it’s easy to get tight & high trapezius, making your shoulder look even droopier than it already is! Always remember to give your neck a stretch during work or studies to relax your body and for the 90° Shoulders! Here’s a link to a set of neck & shoulder stretches I do daily.

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