KPOP: When Your Favourites Stan Each Other Too 💞

by Rebecca Kim

With all their own unique concepts and performances, it sometimes feels like every idol group is in their own little world. That’s why when you see idols from other groups interacting together, it feels like seeing two different worlds collide 🤯

The truth is, a lot of Korean celebrities tend to go to the same performance venues or hair and makeup salons, so that’s where many of them meet frequently and get to introduce each other for the first time!

BLACKPINK’s Rosé & Girl’s Day Hyeri

On their Instagrams, we’ve seen Girl’s Day Hyeri and BLACKPINK’s Rosé send food trucks to each other when they were working on film sets. As Girl’s Day debuted in an earlier generation of K-pop than BLACKPINK, fans were surprised to see that they had become so close! When Rosé went on the variety talk show, Knowing Brothers (AKA Men On A Mission), to promote her solo song “On The Ground”, she asked Hyeri to guest with her for moral support. It was there that they revealed that they had first met and started getting close when BLACKPINK had guest-starred on another variety show, Amazing Saturday (AKA DoReMi Market) where Hyeri was one of the hosts. Hyeri also recently uploaded a YouTube vlog where she met up with Rosé to meet up for a meal, which showed how they also met outside of work, too!

tvN | Amazing Saturday

GUGUDAN’s Sejeong & TWICE’S Jihyo

Both known to be power vocal queens, Gugudan’s Sejeong and TWICE’s Jihyo appeared on the show On and Off where Sejeong Jihyo travelled to visit Sejeong’s family home. It wasn’t really revealed before then that the two girl group members were super close, but we see how they had helped each other through hardships and relate to each other well, despite their vastly different trainee experiences. A particularly special moment was when they were reading Sejeong’s old diary in her attic together, voicing the words of her past self that questioned her future. It’s times like these that make them all the more deserving of all the success that they have now 🥺

tvN | On & Off

Jessi & Tiffany Young

When Jessi and Tiffany appeared as cast members together on the first season of Sister’s Slam Dunk we learned more about how they actually go way back! They went to the same school in 9th grade and speak comfortably to each other in both English and Korean. 

Tiffany also guested on Jessi’s YouTube talk show, Jessi’s Showterview, where we were able to see more of their interactions together. It’s interesting because they seem like complete opposites when it comes to style and personality, but they’re both famous for having warm personalities.

Instagram | @jessishow_official

WayV’s Lucas & G-idle’s Yuqi

Lucas and Yuqi starred together on the Chinese programme, Keep Running. As expected, a lot of fans started shipping them together based on their cute interactions together. However, the majority of people see them as more like cute siblings. They also guest-starred on Knowing Brothers for a special episode featuring foreign idols that came to Korea to pursue their dreams.

JTBC | Knowing Brothers

BTS Jimin and Ha Sungwoon

When Ha Sungwoon was competing on Produce 101, Jimin revealed that Ha Sungwoon was a close friend and encouraged people to vote!  Since then, we have seen them showing more of their bromance through their interactions at live or award shows and their social media posts! It was also known that they took a  vacation to Hawaii, and check out these pics that they took for each other when they hung out for the holidays -  total Instagram Boyfriend material, the both of them!


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