Seven Year Curse? Idols Prove 15+ Years Is Possible! 🌟

by Michelle Li

When K-pop groups come out with an announcement with the words “disbanding,” it leaves me devastated for days 😭 But with this new generation of K-pop and ever-growing K-pop fans, we are seeing it less and less. Even when members of each K-pop group decide to leave their label to pursue other career moves, more K-pop groups are promising they are in fact not disbanding but just switching labels. It gives us something to look forward to even if that is unknowingly a long wait. But a comeback is a comeback and we will patiently wait 🙏🏻 With the K-pop industry slowly changing and beating the “7-year curse,” here are some of the K-pop groups who have not only beaten the 7-year curse but stayed together despite them moving labels.


I’m not sure how many of you know Shinhwa because they are a 1st generation K-pop group who made their debut in 1998 😨 Who would've thought they would be making comebacks over 20 years ago? Well, Shinhwa is actually the longest running K-pop boy group still active in 2022. Shinhwa are making their comeback as a newly formed unit, Shinhwa-WDJ, with members Minwoo, Dongwan and Junjin. Their music have definitely changed to fit in with today's generation but it's still full of nostalgia so check it out below!

Girl’s Generation

Girl’s Generation finally came back from their long hiatus of 5 years with “Forever 1” in August this year. They were one of the very first groups I remember in their generation (2nd Generation) that vowed to their fandom, SONEs, that even with them being in different labels, they are not disbanding! And they certainly kept this promise with a full blown comeback just in time for their 15 year anniversary. Starting off with their variety show, Soshi TamTam, they then performed live at the SMTown Concert. And for us international SONEs, we got plenty of content from live music shows to see them performing and enjoying the stage again 😍 And of course, I just have to include Sooyoung’s fancam here that went viral and really showed off why she’s in SNSD’s dance line. It’s been awhile since their performances so let’s reminisce again with their Forever 1 MV!


Countless hits that will have it stuck in your head for days as you do their signature choreography, KARA is definitely one group that have aced exactly this! KARA has had a few line-up changes throughout their 15 year career. I even watched the KARA Project reality show where they sought out the newest addition of Youngji back in 2014. It’s been 5 years where the fans haven’t got anything from them altogether, but the K-pop gods have fulfilled our wishes… and more! When Nicole and Jiyoung left in 2014, fans thought they wouldn't see them with KARA again. But nope, they’re back with the rest of the KARA members! We finally get to see Youngji performing with first generation KARA members for the first time too. I wasn't a Kamilia before but here I am playing When I Move on repeat: 

It’s truly a power move when K-pop groups have switched labels yet stayed together for the fans and made a long-awaited comeback! With more K-pop groups doing exactly this, let’s hope others will follow through to stop all heartbreaks 💔 There’s been a few more K-pop groups on long hiatus but are rumoured to make a comeback next year… we can only hope that it will happen 🙏🏻

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