Your Bias' Perfume Recommendations

by Michelle Li


You'll find many Korean's preferences of scents are clean, fresh and subtle. That also often comes with aesthetic but minimalistic packaging to match. Byredo does this exceptionally well, with their timeless look and scent. Their number one best-selling perfume is Blanche. 13 different K-pop idols have talked about it, and it’s even Park Seo Joon’s signature scent so when you pass by make sure to take a whiff for what this heartthrob smells like 😍


Interwining fragrance with art is Diptyque and you can definitely tell just by their beautifully luxurious packaging. It’s chic with each fragrance inspired by a time, place or story. A unisex scent loved both by BTS’ Jin and Girls Generation’s Yuri is Philosykos, meant to tell a story of a ‘Greek summer where one must cross the wild fig trees to get to the sea.’  The perfume has woody, and musky notes that peaks through the sweet scent of fig. Diptyque’s Fleur de Peau is also another favourite among K-pop idols. Cottony and soft floral notes inspired by Cupid and Psyche’s love 🏹

Jo Malone

If you love perfumes that are subtle and not overwhelming, then Jo Malone’s scents are for you. Wood Sage & Sea Salt in particular is Aespa’s Giselle favourite, an aquatic scent that smells very fresh! Definitely one to take note and be on the look out for during the beachy days of summer. If you are looking for a fruity scent, their Blackberry and Bay is a go-to for Got7’s Jinyoung. It’s crispy, tart and smells like freshly picked blackberries. 

Le Labo

I personally love Le Labo’s vintage typography, simple packaging paired with freshly hand-blended scents. Their perfumes are named by the primary scent note and with the number of total ingredients used. Blackpink Rosé’s Citron 28, is what we all imagine it to be. A refreshing scent of lemon and ginger added to floral Jasmine with a musky touch. It’s actually one of their city exclusives inspired by Seoul - full of history yet forward-thinking and modern. Though, NCTzens would know that the biggest Le Labo fan is NCT’s Doyoung! Out of his extensive collection is Neroli 36uniquely both a floral fragrance and cologne has become his signature scent. 

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