How to Better the Korean Traditional Liquor

by Isabel Bang
Twitter | @Hoyamori

Makgeolli Ggul Joo

Makgeolli is a Korean traditional rice wine with a milky and tangy taste to it, loved by both Koreans and non-Koreans. The fact that the alcohol isn’t too strong is another reason why it’s a widely enjoyed drink in the NZ Korean bars as well. Makgeolli is great as itself, but there are so many recipes that can sweeten up the experience! “Ggul Joo” means a “honey drink,” which is an accurate name for this recipe 🍯 Half cup of Makgeolli + half cup of milk + 2 Tbsp of honey + 1 Tbsp of sugar. Foam it up by stirring with a spoon or an electric milk frother to make it extra creamy!


Strawberry Makgeolli

We see a lot of fruity makgeolli slushies at Korean bars, and the recipe for them is rather easy! Here’s a way to make your at-home Strawberry Makgeolli slushie. Blend sliced strawberries (400g) + 1 cup of ice + 2 Tbsp of honey + 3 Tbsp of sugar + 1 cup of strawberry milk + 1 cup of makgeolli. In the ready drink mix, add 4 more cups of makgeolli, and add sliced strawberries on top. This drink will be emptied before you know it because it’s closer to a strawberry milkshake than a liquor 🍓 So if you’re throwing a home cocktail party, make sure to have this available one at the bar.

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Dalgona Makgeolli

If you are good at following Korean trends, you would already be familiar with this Korean honeycomb candy, “Dalgona”. There are two ways to make a Dalgona Makgeolli, the first being similar to making a Dalgona Coffee that trended in the first COVID lockdown. 1 Tbsp of instant coffee powder + 1 Tbsp of sugar + 1 Tbsp of hot water, and whisk until you get a frothy consistency. Add the frothy Dalgona on top of a glass of Makgeolli. The second way is to make the actual Dalgona candy (recipe vid) like the one we saw on Squid Game, crush it, and add the candy to your makgeolli. Both ways, you’ll be adding a rich flavour to your drink!


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