Korean Designer Brands to Pay Attention To

by Isabel Bang


Out of all Korean designer brands, the top-selling for all ages and gender would be Covernat. With its contemporary designs inspired by vintage, outdoor, and workwear designs, its products are best to create the “city boy look” that’s trending in Korea. Covernat is a steady seller that has been ranked the #1 Korean designer brand on multiple fashion platforms for years. To prove the brand’s popularity, it even carried out a collaborative campaign with ZEPETO, a multiverse platform with over 300M users domestically and internationally, and is Korean teens' most used app in the last couple of years. Providing products that match the Korean/Asian body fit in undoubted qualities made Covernat a trustworthy brand to search up for basics.


As you would all know, Yale is the name of an American Ivy League university. A fashion startup Words Corp gained the licence for Yale’s logo use and has been manufacturing designs that grabbed the attention of the Korean market. With vintage designs that remind one of a neat private university student in the 80s, their products go nicely with the trendy preppy look. YALE has skyrocketed in sales in 2022 in particular, being loved by not only those in their 20s but also their 30s. The reason behind their success is numerous, but one of them includes their continuous collabs with other fashion brands, and also brands in different industries - e.g. Line Friends, Knotted Donut, Miir and also ‘SONY Music.’


Here's something exciting, this is a brand that ships to NZ as well! thisisneverthat is a Korean designer brand that has a sportswear base in their designs, perfect for casual streetwear. To compare it to brands that Kiwis are more familiar with, I would say their vibe is similar to Stussy or Supreme - actually, their nickname is “Korean Supreme”! The brand’s popularity isn’t limited to Korea only, but you can find their products in more than twelve countries including Japan, the US, the UK, Spain, France, Australia, etc. etc. More so than those in their 30s, thisisneverthat is more loved between teens and 20s. 

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