TV Show: Your Lover's Affair Right Before Your Eyes?

by Isabel Bang

Change Days | 체인지 데이즈 (2022)

KakaoTV | Change Days

Change Days is a TV Show where couples who are done with their honeymoon phase are trying to figure out a solution to their somehow “broken” love. Each couple has something going on between them that’s getting in the way of their relationship, making them have second thoughts of each other. Some applied for the show to reconcile their relationship, and some are there to find out if they’re really “in love” with their partner. Because each person has a different approach to the systems and the rules of the show, we’re shown conflicts and emotional rollercoasters.

KakaoTV | Change Days

The main rule of the show is this: “during the Change Days trip, keep your mind open and find your true love.” For the 14 days of the trip to Jeju island, the couples go around having dates with partners of other couples. On these dates, you are to be truthful to your feelings whether they may be good or bad. Also, the show asks the cast to “focus on your date only,” during each “Change Date.” Meaning they should try and forget about their original partners and be real to the person in front of them. If you ask me, having all these fizzled-off couples to date other attractive people is a very risky thing to do 😬 At the end of the 14 days, each person will have to choose out of the three options. Either to continue their current relationship, end it, or start a relationship with a new person.

KakaoTV | Change Days

This show got me hanging at the edge of my seat. Every moment when a cast seemed to be hitting things off with their “change” date that’s entirely different from their partners, I, for some reason, felt the guilt 🙃 From the moment the show starts, each couple are sent a mission message to go on their first Change Date straight away. Some seemed to be excited, and some seemed VERY bothered. We’re only in a few episodes of the show, and to be honest, I’m already quite emotionally stressed HAHA. As someone who is extremely empathetic, whenever someone feels upset about their partner’s actions I totally feel the pain with them! But why is it that I’m so curious and desperately waiting for what’ll happen next? 😂

Netflix | Change Days

Some say that this is like a Korean version of The Ultimatum, but I would say that it’s a LOT milder in the spice level. The third episode aired a couple of days ago, and I have no idea how this trip will end for these four couples. Will they be going home with their partners, by themselves, or with a new lover? A personal opinion, I really hope that Jiyoo and Dohyeong would stay together 😭 Watch the show with me on Netflix for some nerve-wracking drama! Click for the show’s trailer.

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