TV Show: Sisterhood of the Teleporters

by Michelle Li

Earth Arcade | 뿅뿅 지구오락실 

TVN | Earth Arcade

Having just aired last year, Earth Arcade are back with their second season with exactly the same cast  🌎 They are the hottest stars among Korea’s MZ Generation giving the show a unique take compared to other popular variety shows in Korea. Earth Arcade is also produced by Na Yeong-seok, one of the most famous producers in Korea. He’s the creator behind many of the top Korean variety shows like 2 Days & 1 Night and Youn’s Stay. He even has his own Youtube channel, where you can watch reruns of The Game Caterers and behind-the-scenes.

The Korea Herald 

As Earth Arcade stars Koreans from the MZ Generation, it’s a totally different generation type from Na Yeong-seok’s usual castings of Gen X and Baby Boomers. Starring Gen Z’s rapper Young-ji (who also has her own Youtube show), Oh My Girl’s Mimi, IVE’s Yujin and Millenial’s comedian, Eunji, this cast may seem like an unusual combo but their chemistry is top notch. It’s what makes Earth Arcade so good! If you haven’t seen Young-ji on her own Youtube channel, she’s loud, hilarious and refreshing ‘cause you won’t find many K-idols like her. I haven’t really seen much of Mimi in other shows, but I didn’t expect her to be so chaotic. She’s also very optimistic so naturally she’s the girls’ cheerleader. As Yujin is the leader of IVE’s, she’s a lot more calm and reserved. But in this show as the maknae (막내), the youngest, she’s a lot more devious and outgoing than I thought. Lastly but definitely not least, Eunji! Her comedic timing is on another level and being the comedian she is, is naturally so funny 😂 Being the oldest, she’s the motherly figure and protecting the girls from Na Yeong-seok and the production crew’s sly antics.

TVN | Earth Arcade

Continuing with what MZ Generation love, the show is based around the trendy concept of ‘multiverse’ as they teleport across time and space. The four girls are the ‘Earth warriors’ where they have to capture Torong, the rabbit that escaped the Moon, and fled to Earth. The concept sounds weird and you’ll see in season one’s first episode even the girls were left shocked about this wacky concept when Na PD introduced it to them. But as I said, the girls makes this show and not the multiverse concept, having to capture Torong nor their teleporter that is just a portable floral-patterned zip-up closet. 

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In season one, the girls travelled to find Torong in Thailand with the multiverse being Y2k. For this season they're experiencing the freezing Finland and hot Bali dressing up as characters from popular k-dramas! You’ll see the struggles that, of course, are going to come about from being in a country that’s not Korea. Earth Arcade captures all these struggles and naturally, being the Na PD that he is, creates additional challenges to complete across the country. Makes it even more difficult for the girls than it already is but that calls for good variety show TV 😆 One of my favourite scenes was when they were challenged to not speak English at a restaurant. If they did, they couldn’t eat there at all. It sounds easy but when English is the most spoken language in the world, words like ‘okay,’ ‘size,’ and ‘thank you’ are commonly said especially when you’re ordering food, right? Safe to say it definitely was a hard challenge for them but a hilarious watch for me!


Like most of Na PD’s variety shows, he actually features throughout the episodes so you’ll get a ton of interaction between him and the girls. Another reason why I love this show! Most of it is them making fun of Na PD’s and his limited knowledge in MZ Generation’s trends. I mean what cast makes fun of their producer as much as the Earth Arcade girls? 😅 In all of Na PD’s variety shows, he and his team are able to create a safe space for the cast to be themselves and Earth Arcade has proven to be no different. You can really see each of the girls shine and bring in something different for the show. No wonder this show has been so successful and is back for a second season! I really can’t choose one favourite and just love them all. Their chemistry matches each other so well even from the very first episode that every one after is not a miss. It’s hard for the trailer to pick up their chemistry so I say just give this show a watch! 


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